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Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and is known as the Garden Isle. It is also known for being the home to some of the most beautifully natural places like orchid filled Moir Gardens and McBryde Gardens. Any trip made to Kauai should be highlighted by certain recommended locations. Have you ever heard the saying, you haven’t known until you’ve seen? Well you haven’t known Kaui until you’ve seen these places. These are the top five must see destinations on the island of Kaui.

1. Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls present travelers with the gift of a majestic double-tiered waterfall. The falls overflow from the side of an earthy cliff at a height of a massive 80 feet. Anyone who is interested is allowed to view it because of its easily accessible location close to a roadside lookout. Depending on the flow of the river and the rain, the Wailua Falls change appearance. It is recommended to view this sight during the early morning so that the sun can shine on the fall. The cool mountain water can also be waded in by visitors who decide to take the trail to where the bottom of the waterfall is located. Ah, so beautiful.

2. Fern Grotto

An exploration of Fern Grotto promises a strange Hawaiian adventure. Strange, but beautiful. Located along the Wailua River, is a collection of lava rocks in the setting of a grotto now covered completely with ferns from the tropics. But the grotto is not only a beautiful location, but is also a soothing one because once you arrive, you begin to get serenaded by traditional Hawaiian music played live by musicians. The overall trip is about 40 minutes, but the sights you see and experience is so worth it.

3. National Tropical Botanical Gardens

The National Tropical Botanical Gardens located in Kauai is not one, but two gardens, the Lawa’i Garden and the Alberton Garden. This is truly a must see not only because it is appealing to the eye, but also because it happens to be the location of the world’s biggest anthology of rare plants. The immaculate gardens include flowers, sculptures, and fountains. Tours can be taken throughout 100+ acre garden. It’s truly a sight to see.

4. Hanalei

Hanalei is the northern part of Kauai and is quite breathtakingly surrounded by majestic mountains. From those mountains flow beautiful waterfalls that provide the valley below the mountains with an overabundance of water. Hanalei is beautiful for its plentiful greenery and its beauty also encompasses the bay, city, river, valley, and beach that share its name.

5. Kipu Falls

Don’t let its smallness fool you! Although Kipu Falls is not nearly as big as the other waterfalls that inhabit the island, it is still quite beautiful. Tourists and residents of the island both find the sight a very joyful one indeed. Kipu Falls is surrounded by a 20-rock wall and comes included with a rope swing for those adventurous enough to swing from it and dive into the water below. The pool is wide enough for groups of people, deep enough to kick back and enjoy the coolness of the water, and clear enough that nothing inside of it will surprise you. It is a great way to cool off and a great way to enjoy some of Kauai’s beautiful natural sites.

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