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Over time, the vinegar was used in the most various purposes: in gastronomy (for preparation of various kinds of pickles and salads), for the extermination of harmful plants, to clean kitchen utensils … Also (and not merely accidental) have been assigned important curative properties. Research conducted in recent years have highlighted the fact that apple vinegar is a highly effective tonic. Its beneficial effects have been demonstrated successfully in the case of diseases like diabetes or obesity.

Apple Vinegar – universal remedy?

Apple vinegar has become known especially since the late ’50s, when a famous American doctor, DC Jarvis, has treated this issue in a paper titled “Health Guide. Moreover, in recent years, alternative medicine has experienced a great revival and the apple vinegar to be more recommended (and successfully used) as a tonic, especially in diets.

Not surprisingly, if you think that is indicated in improving digestion, detoxification, treatment of rheumatism, cholecystitis, anemia and migraines, and these are only some examples …

Diabetes. Effect of apple vinegar on blood glucose level is among the most important discoveries in the field. There have been many researches regard this. An example: in a study conducted in 2007, 11 people suffering from diabetes type II, who took two tablets of apple vinegar, found that blood glucose decreased by 4 to 6%.

Be careful! If you have diabetes, do not take apple vinegar without medical advice. Chromium content of the product could
affect insulin levels.

A series of surveys conducted in 2006 established that apple vinegar is a great effect on people whose cholesterol levels exceed normal values. To exclude possible but undesirable side effects, you should ask your doctor before resorting to this procedure.

Hypertension. For this, it is recommended frequent consumption of apple vinegar and olive oil.

Cancer. American doctors have concluded after some research, administration of apple vinegar can “kill” cancer cells or slow down their proliferation. It also may prevent esophageal cancer.

Every morning, drink a cup of water into which you put a spoonful of apple vinegar. After two weeks, you’ll find that you lose, on average, three-four kilograms. Be careful, though! It is not advisable to repeat the diet.

On the other hand, however, should not be omitted possible risks of consuming apple vinegar, although you can say about them are that are insignificant. But if you take large amounts for a long time, problems can occur.

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