How does Vitamin A Promote Clear Skin?

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Skin care products are selling like crazy these days. Nowadays, the trend is finding the best product to reverse the aging process or if not at least keep the skin as supple and young as ever. Ingredients used in making such products are becoming more complex as time passes by. They are usually made from synthetic materials and may in fact cause damage to the skin instead of making it better. For this reason, the best way to fight aging of the skin is to go back to organic products. A powerful and effective product is vitamin A. Not only is it good for the health of vital organs like the eyes and the integrity of the immune system but it can be used topically to promote good clear skin. Eliminating acne and getting rid of wrinkles are not the only skin wonders of vitamin A. Also, it serves to repair skin from UV rays.


Notwithstanding, the best way to significantly improve your complexion is to eat adequate amounts of vitamin A from rich sources like carrots, papaya, peach, and mango. Meat products that are quality sources of vitamins are liver, milk, cheese, fish liver oils, and egg yolk. Having a balanced and varied diet will ensure you get proper vitamin A intake. Vitamin supplements will only be an alternative option when your intake is not adequate particularly of the foods rich in vitamin A.


Over-the-counter topical creams or gels of this vitamin are available in your local drugstore. Generally, these creams are used to prevent skin aging and may be used for warts and psoriasis too. Those with oily skin are advised to purchase the gel-form for better absorbance. The more concentrated types of vitamin A like Tretinoin usually need a physician’s prescription, so check with your dermatologist if you are suited to use such products.


The most popular vitamin A skincare product is Retin-A. This is mainly used for treating moderate to severe acne conditions and is obtainable with the use of prescription. What it does is increase the cell turnover and sloughing off the dead cells on the surface. Individuals with wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines are for the most part prescribed to use Retin-A.


Vitamin A is safe to use as long as application is minimal. One of its side effects is increased sensitivity to sunlight so it is recommended to use sunscreen while going outdoors. In conclusion, the health benefits of vitamin A override its adverse effects. Maintaining a good clear skin is possible to achieve with the combined efforts of adequate intake of vitamin A and application of topical products.


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