Staying Healthy and Preventing High Cholesterol

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Physical manifestations of high cholesterol can hardly be felt and only medical tests can clearly show your cholesterol levels. However, it is important to be aware of this because cholesterol can cause bad effects on your body.


Cholesterol is naturally present in our bodies. Some are created in our livers and others we get from the food we eat. We specifically need an amount of cholesterol to create new cells but increased bad cholesterol can block our arteries. When this happens, it affects blood circulation and can cause deadly heart attacks and strokes. However, cholesterol production can be controlled and treated.


While there are medications for high cholesterol, it is always a better choice to prevent possible diseases than to look for a cure. This starts with having a healthier lifestyle. To keep your cholesterol levels low, read up on these tips:


  • Lower your intake of red meat and instant snacks. These are full of cholesterol, trans fat, and saturated fats.


  • Be choosy! That is, choose lean meat over fatty meat and vegetable oil in place of oil from animal fat, such as lard and shortening.


  • Take supplements. Herbal supplements are found in health shops and online food stores. Garlic and flaxseed oil are your best bets since they are known to lower cholesterol.


  • Lose or limit weight. It is necessary to keep from being overweight, as this puts you at risk of having diseases caused by LDL or the bad cholesterol. It also lowers your HDL or your good cholesterol.


  • Stay active. Take up a sport or exercise. This will prevent your LDL from increasing.


  • Drink up! You need to rehydrate and cleanse your body. Water does just this. It get rids off the bad stuff you do not need, like excess cholesterol.


  • Avoid smoking. Everyone knows the bad effects that smoking has on your lungs, skin, teeth and yes, even your cholesterol level. It lowers good cholesterol (HDL).


Taking these simple steps can greatly contribute to having just the right amount of cholesterol. However, some people have high cholesterol as a hereditary trait. Though it is necessary that one should lead a healthy lifestyle, you should also check with the doctor if your cholesterol level remains high. The doctor can discuss the possible medications and the best options.


High cholesterol can be treated with the right diet, lifestyle, and medication. Most people can do away with prescription drugs just by making healthy choices.


Make the right choice and take care of your heart.


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