Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a difficult part of a woman’s life and staying healthy can sometimes pose a great challenge. Eating can become an issue considering the fact that you are actually eating now for two persons.


Staying healthy should be put first in the area of a woman’s health in times of pregnancy. By doing this, it saves you and your baby with problems that would otherwise be experienced by those who are doing otherwise.




The amount and the kind of food you eat are two very important factors to consider for pregnant women. According to experts, pregnant women require at least 300 calories more in their daily food intake. The baby inside a woman’s womb should constantly be provided with enough nutrition throughout the stage of her pregnancy, but all expectant mothers should see to it that they also have enough nourishment for themselves so they are not left with minimal amount of nutrients.


There are vitamins and minerals that are vital to good health. Some of them are folic acid, iron, and calcium. These are vital to the child’s proper brain and bone development, which include the critical areas such as the skull, the spine, and the limbs.


This is one reason why you need to put more attention to the kind of food you eat. Your diet needs to include fresh fruits and vegetables and supplementary vitamins that may not be readily available in the diet.


What Stuffs to Avoid


You should know exactly that smoking and drinking are primary vices that you really need to avoid during pregnancy. These are not only harmful to you but for the baby as well. You are 100% off-limits to these substances because you are risking your baby for possible brain defects and other physical problems if you are constantly exposed to smoke and alcohol.


Too much caffeine is bad for you, too. While coffee is not exactly fatal to unborn babies, excessive intake increases the likelihood that such event would happen so it is wise that you avoid such stuff. If you cannot avoid it, perhaps, you can lessen the amount that you take on a daily basis.


Other fish such as mackerel, tilefish, sharks, and swordfish should also be avoided. These types of fish usually harbor high amounts of mercury which are filtered in the ocean. In the same manner that you avoid medications that can cause serious brain damage.


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