Why Kids are Stressed like Us

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Would it not be perfect if we could just go back to our carefree childhood days? With all this stress we have from work and relationships, it seems that going back is the best thing that can happen. However, this may not be a good idea at all.


Yes, kids get stressed as well. Nowadays, kids are more prone to stress due to our fast-paced lifestyle. As adults, we do not see this, as we often think that children are only going through little issues or minor problems. These are not so small for those who are experiencing them.


Why Are Kids Stressed?


Try to remember how we were before. We might say that we have experienced stress as children. Maybe we had problems with schoolwork or with a bully. This still happens to kids nowadays.


Kids can also be stressed at home. For instance, if parents are having financial problems and these reflect in the home, kids can become anxious. Sibling rivalry can also cause stress in children.


Recently, society demands more of our kids than it did before. There are more extra activities like soccer practice or ballet after school. Children go to school at a younger age and are expected to process more information. Although it is important that they learn and get involved, it is also necessary for them to be just kids.


How Do I Help?


There is always a gap to bridge when it comes to talking about your children’s problems. Sometimes, they refrain from talking about it and are even afraid to ask for help. Despite these difficulties, we can always approach them and show them we are here for them. Here are some ways how:


  • Ask questions and talk — most especially if your child is upset. Ask them how they are every day. You can talk about school, their friends, and their interests.
  • Help your child come up with solutions to his problems. When he asks for your help about a problem, guide and support him. Still, let him come up with ways to solve them.
  • Organize his schedule. Try to prioritize certain activities if he is involved in a lot of them.


Though children may not worry about the things adults are stressed about, they still go through hard times. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our kids and help them cope with stress. We can lessen or even avoid stressors if we are continuously open to them. Knowing how to deal with stress will make our kids live healthier lives.


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