Abdominal fat increases the risk of pancreatic cancer

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Fat on the abdomen is very dangerous, say experts. Persons, especially women with excess fat around the abdomen shows increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Scientists at the University of Medicine in New York found that the risk of pancreatic cancer increases with body mass index. The researchers found that overweight women shows a 31% higher risk of pancreatic cancer while the risk increases by 61% in obese women. These findings, together with those of previous studies, shows that obesity plays an important role in pancreatic cancer.

Belly fat and health risks

Fat on the abdomen is more dangerous than that of the shoulders, hips or thighs, say experts, and that’s because it is very active in terms of metabolic and sits easily on ships. Studies have shown that fat accumulation in the abdominal area is predominantly at high risk to those with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Also have found evidence showing a link between visceral fat and risk of dementia. One study found that the risk of dementia is 2.3 greater in those with a greater amount of abdominal fat and 3.6 times higher in overweight people with a lot of abdominal fat. Amount of abdominal fat promotes dementia occurrence, even in people with normal weight, indicates the study .

According to Dr. Nicholas Hancu, President  “a woman’s waist size must not exceed 80 cm and 94 cm in men. When size grows fat accumulates inside the abdomen. Even if it is normal weight and waist size is large, this is an alarm.

Minus weight = plus health

When overweight and obese individuals, a moderate weight loss of 5 to 10% already has a positive effect on health

Here are some steps that help you fight with the fat:

* Reducing calorie intake: less fat, more fruit, more vegetable;

* Regular physical effort (walking, swimming, cycling, stair climbing). Even if the first efforts seem minimal, is  essential;

Experts do not recommend that sudden weight loss.

Obesity is a disease!

Obesity is considered a serious disease that adversely affect the health. Is required to calculate your body mass index (BMI) frequently to avoid being surprised by the modifications. Results of a study by German researchers shows that an overweight woman, but non-smoking live on average 7.1 years less, and a man with the same features live 5.8 years less than those who maintain their weight normal.


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