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Restless legs syndrome
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According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, approximately 12 million Americans suffer from restless legs syndrome. Although lately began to make studies about the disease and became known in professional circles, a large number of experts think is a bad disease and most often overlooked.

Restless legs syndrome is a neurological movement disorder characterized by sensory and motor abnormalities. Experts say that imposing a correct diagnosis may take up to two years … Patients often feel frustrated by these symptoms, which they consider an inconvenience rather than a disease in the true sense of the word. But studies indicate that restless legs syndrome is a condition which can be treated.

Classical symptoms of this disease are the uncomfortable feeling of the lower limbs, feelings that are becoming increasingly annoying during the night.

People who suffer from this disease have a diminished quality of life. But what is more sad is that it is very likely not even to be aware that they have the classic symptoms of a disease that can be diagnosed and treated. It is also important that doctors be aware of this syndrome, to adequately diagnose this disease and prescribe proper medication, if necessary.

In severe cases, unusual sensations felt in the legs. And in rare and severe cases, sensation may be present in the genital area or torso. Symptoms develop, especially when ill person is resting (relaxation times). This sensation is often confused with “nervousness”.

The symptoms associated with this disease are:

ï Periodic limb movement, characterized by a distortion of the foot, either during sleep or during a period when the person is awake – a stereotypical repetitive motion of the foot. Most people who suffer from restless legs syndrome also suffer from this syndrome.

ï Sleep disturbances and fatigue. Most patients show sleep disturbances such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty sleeping. Because of this, 50% of patients are unable to have a restful sleep at night. Those who suffer from this serious forms of disease manage to have a few hours of sleep a night, which means they are characterized by fatigue during the day. These sleep problems are usually associated with the worst forms of restless legs syndrome.

ï During the period of rest and relaxation, patients may experience uncontrolled movements. These movements, which may occur during the day or night, can be extremely fast.

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