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There are several ways with you can quit the unhealthy habit of smoking. Whether you try to leave suddenly, without any help, either turn to less conventional methods such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy.


Acupuncture involves inserting needles into key pressure points located on various body parts. This operation is not painful and patients are left to relax at least a half hour before. Those are then removed, except for two small needles, which remain fixed in the earlobe. So far, no clinical trials demonstrated the real effectiveness of acupuncture in terms of quitting smoking, but smokers have felt some improvement once applied this method.

Sudden give up

To quit smoking without any help … Although physical symptoms can be quite radical in the early days, they disappear in the first two or three weeks. Most people managed to quit smoking because of this method.

E-mail address that challenge you

Register to various programs that send a series of motivational e-mails, focusing on every stage of your recovery.


Although nicotine is a drug that generates an extremely high physical dependence, smoking also has many psychological associations. Nothing regarding this method, no clinical trials proving its effectiveness in quitting smoking, but some smokers have found this method to be of real help.

Laser Treatment

Is a new treatment developed by a former smoker, which uses laser, painlessly at lower intensity, to stimulate energy points of the body. They, in turn, stimulates the production of endorphins – the so-called “elixir of happiness’ produced by the body. Clinical trials have shown positive effects of this treatment.

Nicotine replacement therapy

For best results, follow as closely as possible instructions and consult with your pharmacist or your doctor, regarding the administration of medicines. Products are commercially available in different shapes, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best.

Nicotine patch: A discrete method and easy to use, the patches work by releasing a dose of nicotine through the skin. These patches should be applied on one shaved side, such as upper arm, but should not apply in the same place two consecutive days.

Nicotine gum: The product allows you to control your nicotine dose. To learn how to chew gum properly it is a crucial step.

Nasal spray: The most powerful product of its kind – represents a small bottle of nicotine solution, is absorbed faster than any other form of nicotine replacement product.

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