How to keep your cat or dog even if you are allergic to animals

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To be the owner of an animal is not always easy. Although they bring so much joy, because of their behavior and cheerful devotion to us, we should not forget that pets need special care: medical care, training, love, attention and even tolerance. This is especially necessary when the owner is allergic to animals …

Studies indicate that approximately 15% of the population is allergic to dogs and cats. Approximately one third of Americans who are allergic to cat hair (about 2 million people) live in the presence of at least a cat … In fact, one of the factors which cause this type of allergy is so difficult to control and most allergic individuals decide to keep their pets in the house.

A study shows that, of 341 adults allergic to dogs and cats who have been advised by family doctor to give up their pets, only one in five did so. Moreover, 122 of them have got another pet after the death of the previous … A quiet and comfortable living, even if you are allergic to animals may be possible if you understand your allergy condition and if you follow some basic rules.

All cats and dogs are allergens (which means they are sources of allergies) for people who are allergic to animals in general. Cats tend to cause more allergies than dogs, although a large number of people are more sensitive to dogs than cats, even hairless animals may have an allergenic potential for people who have this sensitivity …

What is the source of irritation ?

Skin glands of small animals secrete proteins that trigger allergies, these proteins are called allergens. Allergens are present in saliva and urine of animals. Severity of reactions to these substances varies from one person to another: from runny nose to sneeze, cough, redness of face or throat, difficulty breathing, asthma to life-threatening ones. Besides the cat (the most common form of allergy) and dogs, people can develop allergies to other small pets such as guinea pigs.

What can you do to mitigate these reactions?

Use these air purifiers throughout the house and avoid materials and furniture that easily accumulates dust. Thoroughly clean dust and dirt accumulated.

A weekly bath of your pet can reduce up to 84% the allergens they! Although there are products that reduce allergens once they are sprayed on the pets, American studies show that they are much less effective than a weekly bath.


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