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Do you feel Fatigue and stress? I will try to help you to open dialogue with your body in order to heal, relax and recharge to find all your energy.


The good gesture to follow: Stretch in the morning

The first movement allows the body to grow physically and mentally. And turn it into a state of grace when you lift your muscles.


A muscle that found its optimal length BREATHE further and eliminates toxins; longer vertebral revival energy, to rest during the night, the blood flows better when the muscles, joints, bones are stretched to the maximum.


You can stretch on the back in your bed, but the ideal is to be seated, intermediate station between the horizontal and vertical passive force. First, make a few breaths at your own pace, take deep breaths, blocking the few seconds to oxygenate the body and blow up like a big sigh of relief.


Do trust what you feel it is good, and at what swiftness. Linger you when you feel tension on any part of your body. Be fully in what you are doing, do not think about anything other than your feelings.



Once finished stretching, stay a few seconds to calm, trying to see all the positive moments of the day to come, get up to with optimism.


The good reflex: Proceed to the natural vitamin C

To make yourself full of vitality, forget tablets and instead rely on natural energy fruit and vegetables

The decrease is a common tone of the change of season, and vitamin C is so valuable: it helps the immune system, improves absorption of iron, mineral anti important, and has a powerful antioxidant.


To keep pace in the long term, it is better to eat each day a little vitamin C after fruits and vegetables, because this natural form is less aggressive for the stomach that the proposed synthetic powder or tablets. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain other vitamins and minerals that work synergistically with it.

Reaching the 110 milligrams per day is recommended within everyone’s reach: just two kiwi fruit or 100 grams of broccoli. The risk of overdose is nonexistent, because the body uses what it needs and eliminates the rest naturally.


Where to find the right energy?

Generally, plus a fruit or vegetable is colorful, the better it is rich in vitamin C. Thus, an orange or a grape fruit mango covers about half of our daily needs. All green vegetables are also very well filled. A good way to never fail is to add lemon juice and parsley on fish, vegetables and salads. The juice of half a lemon alone covers almost 20% of our daily needs.


The good reflex: Limit fatty acids processed

These modified fats raise our cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart attack. Until the health authorities take concrete measures to us to flush.


The fatty acids (AG) processing, or “trans” fats are liquids, such as sunflower oil or rapeseed, made solid by adding hydrogen.


In 2005, the French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA) estimated that 5% of the French population had a high intake in “Trans” AG and that this high consumption increased “significantly” the risk of heart attack and stroke.


How to reduce their consumption?


The primary source of “trans” AG is … the cow, which produces naturally, and forward therefore to milk and meat. However, studies have shown that these acids cattle are less harmful than others. However, better focus on semi-skimmed milk or skimmed, and limit consumption of beef. Other major sources of “trans” AG fats are visible – peanut oil, rapeseed, sunflower and some margarine – but also fat ‘hidden’ confectionery, pastries, cereals and other pizzas.


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