Stress, a health problem that can be easily avoided

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How to identify personal factors of stress

Obviously, the more you think more closely at things stressing you, the more easily you handle stressful situations in your life. And this because:

Once you discover the root of your stress and triggers, the more you have more chance to avoid.

Learn to understand where they come from and how your feelings evolve to have control in your life. This will help to reduce the daily stress.

Recognize that the stress is a bad behavior and not something else – this will help reduce your anxiety behavior

Identify personal factors of stress, depending on stress scale.

Review the severity of stress caused by regular events, such as marriage and divorce, birth and death, going to college or change in your service. Events located on the first position of this scale – those of death, accidents or illness – are considered to be at greatest risk for onset of physical and mental disorders related to stress than those at the end of the list (such as, retirement or receiving a traffic fine). People who are at risk, namely those that have more than one stress factor of “high caliber, they need the most a stress management system”.

Stress is a different experience for each of us – birth and death, accidents or illness, if were the victim of robbers or a similar crime, dramatic changes in life that affects your family and the financial situation.

More specific studies show that there are about 50 major events that may be listed depending on the degree of stress it causes. The higher the number of stressful events they live, the more there is a greater risk to develop a physical or mental illness.

* Death of your spouse or life partner;

* An accident or serious illness;

* Failure to obtain a loan or a financial help;

* Divorce;

* The fact that you were the victim of robbers, of a rape, etc..;

* Infidelity;

* Domestic violence or sexual abuse;

* A very bad financial period;

* The fact that you survived a disaster;

* The fact that you are a single parent;

* The fact that you were arrested or a family member was arrested for breaking the law;

* Obtaining a mortgage on the house

As you can see, stress can come from many sources, some perhaps unexpected.


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