Stress, Back Pain And Post Partum Treatment

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You’re stressed? You have backache? You have just given birth? Many centers offer spa treatments tailor-made. Zoom on these formulas ultra targeted.

Specific treatment programs: the anti-stress cure

Metro, hard word, bad sleep… You give in? Your body slows down and your morale is too low? The spa can be a great way to recharge the batteries!


Serenity, resource, Zen: These adjectives are not lacking to describe these formulas of relaxation and well being.


After a medical examination, the center establishes a custom program. Conventional care hydrotherapy to full power (baths, showers, wraps …), for massage unpack (shiatsu, reflexology …), soft gymnastics sessions to terms with your body (yoga, ball chi, qi gong …) restoration and beauty spa (What care spa)…


The idea is all about to forget your worries and make you happy and relaxed! Obviously, an anti-stress treatment does not cure anxiety, but it can help you overcome your discomfort. In ideally prefer a slack time (calmer atmosphere, prices) and, although solitude frightens you, leave alone the benefits will be optimal. An anti-stress cure, it is an opportunity to review, to start off right!

Specific treatment programs: the back pain cure

According to some studies, back pain affects an American man … In two involved: stress, physical inactivity and poor positions are the major causes.


Many spa centers do offer specific answers. After a medical examination that assesses your condition, the back pain cure based on a capital-intensive and minerals (via baths, wraps, but also food), rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist, relaxation exercises (evil Backache is often linked to stress), and good massages (How to choose your massage). This type of program has the dual purpose of relieving you immediately, but also help you in the long term you can, in the company of specialists, learn to relieve your back (stretching techniques) in the muscle for strengthen, the house keeping finally daily (good posture to stoop, lift a load, etc.).. To be avoided during inflammatory episodes, and without medical advice for serious diseases (hernia, scoliosis, sciatica, etc.)…

Treatments and specific cure to the young mother

Baby blues, back pain, fatigue, water retention, overweight or stress … After a pregnancy, body and spirit can claim special care. With your baby (a reception is planned, nursery and special menus included), towards the spa!


Between 2 and 10 months after delivery, nothing likes to trace the shape and reshape your body (Aid anti-cellulite). Under medical supervision, the young mother cure (sometimes called postpartum) articulates massage (at jets or manual), food tips, and beauty treatments, exercise (most of the time in the pool, to ease movement and combine sweetness and effectiveness).


Upon request, you can also enjoy a rehabilitation of the perineum, often damaged by childbirth. Parenthesis welfare, the young mother cure is also an opportunity to find you alone with your baby in a supportive environment, and thus strengthen the maternal link…


To be complete; the young mother treatment usually lasts six days.


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