The Benefits Of Green Tea

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According to Several studies done in recent years, green tea would have unusual properties that promote the protection against some cancers.

A Chinese study published in the International Journal of Cancer 1997 showed that the number of patients with cancer of the colon, rectum or pancreas was much higher among men and women are not consuming green tea.


A recent study by the Ministry of Health advance the argument that catechins (polyphenolic antioxidant plant) contained in green tea helps to reduce risk by lowering the level of testosterone, having little effect on prostate cancer but a localized effect those important to the advanced state.


The consumption of green tea is an integral part of Asian culture while still very sparse in America and in Europe.

Green tea: An excellent anti-cancer

The anti-cancer properties of green tea catechins come from it in large quantities. What types of green tea we should choose? how to prepare and how much should we eat to protect themselves from cancer?

Catechins the anti cancer green tea

Within the food anti cancer, green tea occupies a place of excellence as it is food that contains the most anticancer molecules. These anticancer molecules are represented by the catechins (flavonoids family) and they occupy a third of the weight of tea leaves!


The catechins have the distinction of being able to tackle many processes used by cancer cells to grow. In fact, the catechins most interesting are ingredient and the most abundant is the EGCG (or Epigallocatechin gallate which is a green tea extract). Its ownership of ‘strangle tumors’ in some way.


Indeed, when cancer cells proliferate to form a small tumor, they must necessarily form, in parallel, a network of blood vessels to be fed and to multiply. That is what we call the process of angiogenesis. The EGCG has the property to prevent angiogenesis (the formation of a blood essential to the formation of any tumor and its growth).


What tea should we choose against cancer?


Green tea is much richer in catechins than black tea. The latter undergoes a fermentation process that converts a portion of catechins in other flavonoids.

Choose green tea is rich in EGCG, or Japanese green teas.

Prefer leaf teas in bags and not because they are filled with crop residues (leaves broken).


How to prepare green tea?


Do not use tea ball, let the leaves steep freely.


Leave the leaves infuse long, 8 to 10 minutes to extract the maximum amount of catechins. The more we infuse more the amount of catechins released increases.


How much tea per day to prevent the risk of cancer?


Three cups of tea per day seems to be an appropriate amount for an effective anti cancer.


An advice service for your tea, make sure you rinse with warm water after each use with dish soap and be sure to maintain from time to time using a little baking soda on a damp cloth. It’ll just scrub and rinse.


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