The Spa And Coaching For Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a very difficult goal to achieve. Hence the recommendation that this seeks came from health professionals (doctor, nutritionist, etc.)… That is why a comprehensive care in the slimming spa treatment can be a very interesting solution for some people overweight.


Spa to lose weight

The fight against the overweight is a struggle of all moments for the person concerned and committed almost daily for the doctor, which must be available, trained in this area and convincing in its messages.


It must also hold close monitoring to support and encourage their patients effectively.

It is the doctor for example to explain the importance of reading labels and learning to decode it. In collaboration with his patient, it must find tips and tricks that will eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day, to resist cravings, practice an event. The term restriction will not be used for the benefit of the rebalancing of food. It is like a coaching like that is needed when smoking cessation, for example.


The spa is very interesting for weight loss because it represents a good overall therapeutic to initiate such a coaching.


After a review, a food survey, a questionnaire on the history of obesity and a history, a personalized program is established, including specific goals and accessible. During the 3 weeks of treatment, the patient receives daily advice from a dietitian, health spa, in a stimulating and encouraging. A great Number of patients stabilize their weight or initiate weight loss in this favorable environment.

The spa combines the strengths of slimming

It must be said that aid are many.


The first is psychological: the client is in a homogeneous group, allowing it to dare move and do physical activities without fear of the gaze of others. The spa also has the advantage of allowing a break with the daily beneficial.


The dietary advices are very comprehensive and include a practice very concrete, supplemented by personal interviews.


The food on site is also very dietetic.


Care allows reconciliation with the body which has an anorectic (like drinking thermal water) and which also promotes physical activity.


Eventually cure the patient is active and accountable vis-‡-vis of his weight problem. It also provides keys for themselves.


The post-cure will be through the town doctor, but nothing prevents renew stays (guests usually come back 3 times).

It is worth noting that the spa also has significant benefits in improving other diseases (osteoarticular pain, diabetes, etc.)..


What spa care: manicure and pedicure

Another very carefully assessed in the spa is one of the hands and / or feet, to start your cure thalassic foot light and beautiful nails to the end!


Make an appointment one or two days before your departure: not at the beginning of your cure, because the treatments offered tend to chip the varnish.


Program: exfoliation, hydration, cutting cuticles (small skin around the nail), polishing, varnishing and filing nails … A beauty treatment course, but also a moment of pleasure during the laying of the cream, the beautician benefits often make a very relaxing massage or tonic hands or feet, reflexology body (according to the principle of reflexology, the entire body is represented on the palms of the hands and feet). Note: this treatment at the spa is not reserved for women, quite the contrary!


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