What Can I Do To Fight Fatigue?

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If you miss the tone, if you feel tired, especially, do not take immediate action to regain form and energy. Follow the guide anti-fatigue.


Food: Vitamins, iron, magnesium and fibers are excellent anti fatigue


Vitamins: fruits and vegetables galore will bring you good doses of vitamins, which are involved in most metabolic reactions in our body. And if you really cannot eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day, or if you have specific deficiencies such as smokers who are often deficient in vitamin C, you can cure with vitamins of food supplements. But do not forget that a varied and balanced diet allows itself to cover the needs of the organization.


Iron: iron deficiency (element involved in the formation of red blood cells) can cause fatigue. To minimize risk, eat certain foods regularly among the richest in iron: black pudding, liver, kidneys, beef, shrimp, oysters, cocoa, etc…


Magnesium: eat nuts. They will give you energy and magnesium. Careful do not to abuse because they are very caloric.


Fiber: intestinal laziness, it does cause fatigue. So the best way to avoid tiring your body it is necessary to fight against constipation. On the menu, try more fruits and vegetables, whole grains put (grains, breakfast, bread, etc.). Yoghurts and even milk fortified with probiotics.

And why do not cure a small royal jelly, known for its stimulant properties.


You feel tired what about your sleep?

Fatigue is often linked to sleep disorders. To avoid fatigue caused by bad sleeping habits do this, you must adopt basic rules: time regular bedtime, quiet ambience, moderate temperature in the room, relaxing activities, teas, slow carbohydrate dinner, light meal, etc…

If you can, make a little nap in the early afternoon. It does not prevent you then sleep at night but will help you recover.


Fatigue: attention to alcohol, coffee and soft drinks

If alcohol intoxicants, it also depletes the body. And if alcohol helps sleep, it have then the disadvantage of the structure sleep promoting nighttime awakenings. So counsel, did not especially abuse.


Coffee also can provide a boost in the day, but it is daunting to sleep. So past 16-17 hours, do not abuse and try the decaffeinated tea.


And finally, avoid sodas. Very high in sugar, they are unnecessary calories. If you need energy, you better turn to fruit juices without added sugar or honey, both of which bring in more sugar other interesting elements for the proper functioning of the body.


Do you know that physical activity is a true remedy anti fatigue?

If you are tired, nothing like the physical activity and sports!

Indeed, sport invigorates the body, boosts morale and helps to sleep well. Force yourself and you will feel very quickly the many benefits. What counts is not the intensity, but the regularity. For the person that doesn’t practice sports, walk fast as often as possible.

And if fatigue persists …

If fatigue is important and if it persists, check with your doctor. A review may be necessary to find a condition: thyroid disorders, anemia, infection, depression, sleep apnea, and so on.


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