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What is yoga and what is meditation? As a matter of fact, both of them fortify and toughen your body and provide your mind with peace. In present time, both of them are getting very popular in the world because both provide one with the body fitness and spiritual aspect. Both of them are very helpful in treating the medical problems.

The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” means to yoke or harness. Yoga seeks to harness or yoke the energy of body and mind with each other, to utilize this energy more constructively and beneficially. Yoga is dating from around 500 B.C and it is an Indian Body Knowledge. Indian regards Yoga as philosophy of Indian metaphysical beliefs. The Upanishads, very old divine books which sketch out the spiritual set of guidelines of Hindu philosophy, make a great deal of reference to yoga. The very first achievements of practicing Yoga are the sensation of “lightness” and “fair complexion”. Yoga also helps in getting rid of many body disorders.

What is Meditation and how it calms down your mind? Meditation is really very effective in providing the peace of mind. It aids the mind to get rid of the stress. It focus all your mind in the present rather leaving your mind engaged in the past or the future. There are various kinds of meditation but no one knows the exact numbers of the kinds of meditation. Most popular types of meditation are Transcendental meditation, Zen Meditation, Taoist meditation mindfulness meditation, Buddhist meditation and prayer.

Yoga and meditation has very good relation with each other. Practicing Yoga can help in meditation to great extent. For instance, while meditating one has to sit for a period of time. And that period may be short or long. But when one practice Yoga his/her body get flexible and flexible body helps him/her to feel relaxed while sitting for a long or short period of time during meditating. Yoga and Meditation are regarded as two different things but as a matter of fact both of them are mutually supporting.

By practicing Yoga and Meditation one can bring down the stress level and can improve the physical strength and can boost the stamina up. Both of these are very helpful in healing the injuries. By the practicing Yoga and Meditation one can also treat his/her depression. It also create big impacts on their moods which can be very helpful in socializing him/herself. It improves the posture of the body. It controls blood pressure. In short, one build himself/herself physical fit and kick out the all the physical and mind disorders of his/her life.

And it is very important in present time to practice Yoga and Meditation as they treat depression and calms down the mind of people. And the calmness of the mind is very important for the better future of the world and is also very important for keeping peace in the world.


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