Kauai – Green Island

Having a vacation to the great Island of Hawaii named Kauai is a great experience. It is a great destination to enjoy your vacation with your family. Great place to enjoy with greenery. While planning your vacation you should consider some factors so that you can plan your vacations accordingly. One of the first things which you should look for is the climate of the place where you would like to visit. Normally in Kauai winter season falls during November to April month and summer season falls during May to October month. You can find that temperature never exceeds about 90 F.

In Kauai they have recorded that there is a rain fall of 400 inches per year. It is not sure that in which season the rain comes, it can fall at any time of the year. But one thing is sure that you can enjoy such rains because they are very warm and enjoyable. You can find nice Rainbows at any time. There are no chances of hurricane in Kauai. It is a very good place for surfer’s because Kauai is very close to storms and wind surf remains extremely high. Even if you want to visit this place then winter months are not so good. There are some safety issues in this season. If you visit during winter season then you can see that south shore remains very calm. During summer season, northern part of Kauai looks like a paradise.

Kauai is considered to be the oldest Island of Hawaii. You can enjoy the real rainy atmosphere via helicopter. You can also have a beautiful look of plenty of waterfalls. So, visiting the Island of Kauai with the helicopter tour will be most realistic and enjoyable moment for you and your family. But cost factor should be considered first. You can easily access some small waterfalls whereas to access the large one you need to take a helicopter ride. If you really want to enjoy wildlife nature then Kauai is the best place to choose. You can frequently see sea-monk resting on the Kauaian beaches. Remember that if you are lucky enough then you might see them but never disturb them.

Even you can find lots of Sea turtles while snorkeling. Most of the time you can find them on the rocks because they like rocks most. One of the great wildlife adventures which you can see during the winter month is Whale watching. You cannot find that there are no Whales during the month of June. You won’t find any dangerous animal which can endanger your life like poisonous spiders or snakes etc. So, you don’t have to worry about your life. One and only one dangerous animal which you can find in the while Kauai is wild boar. Enjoying Ocean wildlife is also fantastic moment because you can see lots of colorful fishes.

In short Kauai is one of the beautiful places in the world. You can relax and enjoy great vacation with your family over there.