Finding the Migraine Headache Treatment For You

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There are two ways to treat migraine. You either attempt to control future occurrences by using preventive medicines or you try to stop it once it has started, also known as abortive treatment.


If you have a history of migraine, you might want to try the abortive treatment. The goal of this treatment is to stop the attack once it has happened, or at the very least, lessen the pain. Your doctor would most likely prescribe a medication like Sumatriptan, Almotriptan, or Naratriptan — all of which are triptan medicine designed to control serotonin. Some of these medications are injected in the thigh or are taken orally.


Triptan medications are all similar in chemical structure. However, they are specifically for headache — they do not relieve any pain from your back, arthritis, or menstruation.


If you have been getting migraines for some time now with incidents happening at least once a week, the preventive treatment might be better for you. You should be able to recognize the signs of a migraine starting, like nausea, fatigue, or a swelling sensation in an area of your head. Being observant will help you tremendously in treating your migraine before it happens.


Preventive medication will try to lessen the severity and frequency of your headaches. In most cases, the medicine is taken daily as a maintenance drug. Some of the preventive drugs are beta blockers, anti-depressants, anti-seizure drugs, and some antihistamines.


These drugs are prescribed by doctors and will gradually increase in dosage over time.


There have been cases when all that is needed to treat migraine is to slow down. You could be doing too much and exerting a lot of effort when going through physical activity. You could also avoid certain foods like dairy products and caffeine if you find that they are probable causes for your migraine.


Once your doctor has given you a prescription for your daily maintenance drugs, be sure to maintain communication with him and update him on the effects of the drugs. He may want to change the dosage or the drug for a better alternative. Some drugs might work better than others depending on your body chemistry.


Any changes you might want to do regarding your medication should be consulted with your doctor. It will be very dangerous to self-prescribe or to listen to friends and family as to what worked for them. It might not be the same case for you.


Moving to another spectrum of treatment, if your tendency is to support natural remedies, you may search the Internet for herbal alternatives. The variety of herbal supplements and remedies are quite extensive.


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