Hormonal Migraines and the Affected Woman

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Sometimes you wonder why your wife, your mother, or your sister suddenly does not get out of bed and stays in her bedroom with all the window blinds drawn. She yells at you to keep the TV’s volume down, and she groans in pain all day. Then, you finally get the picture: she is having hormonal migraines.


This migraine is known to affect both males and females. However, by reason of the female’s natural shifting of hormonal levels due to the monthly changes in her body, she is more prone to getting the headache that most people dread.


When there is a sudden decrease in the estrogen levels in a female’s body, this migraine will usually strike. The decrease in estrogen affects proper blood flow, resulting to a throbbing pain in either side of your head. What is worse, over-the-counter pain relievers often will not do you any good. The migraine can last for hours, and even days. Just imagine the agony the affected female is going through. It can happen a few days before the start of the monthly period, or during the period itself.


So, what should a responsible companion do in case a female is hit by a migraine?


What you should do is to make the environment as comfortable as possible for her. Keep the window blinds drawn so that she does not get blinded by sunlight. While having a migraine, she is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Also, if you plan on playing your PSP all day, use some headphones. Like sensitivity to light, a migraine victim is also quite sensitive to sound. This is because of the affected lobes of the brain, which affect sight and hearing.


Getting her a glass of water every hour would be a good way to help her relax. Water therapy can ease the flow of blood and is known to work wonders. Keep household lights at a very dim level — if you have a dimmer. If you don’t, then better get used to walking in the dark for a few days.


Call up her doctor and ask him about possible medication. If needed, accompany her to visit the clinic. Do not forget to let her wear an eye mask while you drive her there. Nothing like a beautiful sunny day can make her day get even worse. Make sure she takes her medication round the clock and on time. With her migraine, remembering things are on the back of her mind and she will need you to take note of her medication schedules to help her cope with hormonal migraines.


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