How to Treat Migraines of the Stomach

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Migraines are usually known as head pains but there are also stomach migraines, which if untreated, are also as painful. Although rare, this kind of migraine is treated via medication and other easy steps.


Stomach migraines are conditions of the health that can bring about extreme pain to a person. There are varied causes, signs, and treatments of such migraines and those will actually depend on an individual’s lifestyle. This kind of migraine should not be viewed as an illness, as it is one of your body’s way to inform and warn you that there is something wrong with your health.


How does one then identify a stomach migraine? The symptom that is usually experienced by a patient is internal aching in the stomach. This is because the muscles of the stomach vigorously contract to ease the pain. Other people may feel bloated or otherwise experience an acidic tummy, even for those non-hyper acidic folks.


There are also those who occasionally vomit and feel nauseous. It is also possible that the stomach pain may spread to key muscle areas located in the torso, making you feel weak all of the sudden, like you are about to faint. The pain chemical prostaglandin is actually responsible for the feeling of pain spreading throughout.


Some may suffer more than just stomach pains, as headaches may concurrently occur, which can sometimes immobilize the patient. Because of this, many of those who suffer from stomach migraines have high anxiety levels, which cause them to also increase their level of adrenaline. This actually makes the situation worse.


Children are the usual victims of this ailment, especially those between three to ten years of age. This often makes it difficult for parents to identify it as a stomach migraine because their kids have a hard time describing what they are experiencing. To address this, consult your pediatrician when the problem occurs.


To treat a stomach migraine, the first thing you have to do is minimize your consumption of food that is loaded with artificial flavor and substances. This will ease the options of the stomach in order to stabilize its activities. Next on the to-do list is to drink beverages that are not acidic, nor should they contain substances that are acidic. It is also beneficial to consult a gastroenterologist to avoid attacks in the future. And when visiting the doctor, make sure that you explain clearly to him or her what type of food you have eaten as well as other activities you have been taking on so that proper evaluation can be done regarding your condition.


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