Know and Understand the Causes of Migraines

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Joining the army is like a migraine. It is an adventure. Yes, dealing with a migraine may well be one of the worst adventures you will experience in this life. But this is only as far as you know what the causes of migraines are. As Sun Tzu said, “Know thy enemy, and you shall know thyself”.


Okay, enough with oriental philosophy. Let us get down to knowing your migraine and its causes. Only when you understand what makes a migraine tick will you know how to stop it.


A variety of factors can trigger a migraine in the least possible chance you would expect. You can be at the salon, the movies, or in the bathroom when a migraine would strike. Often, you would think, “Why now?” That is because a migraine can surface at any time and at any place, given the right triggers.


A typical migraine is believed to come from a distortion in the trigeminal nerve, resulting in the release of polypeptides, which causes the meninges to become inflamed. This inflammation causes the circulatory system to respond accordingly, resulting in the decrease of blood flow. In turn, the decrease in blood flow results in that throbbing pain in your temple. Depression in the calcium channels of the body are also thought to be a cause of migraines.


Migraines are triggered by the lack of magnesium supply in the body. This mineral is responsible for the synthesis of protein components, cardiovascular maintenance, energy production, and energy output.


Hormonal changes are also known to cause migraines, particularly in women, by reason of the production of hormones accompanying the functions of the female body, such as lactation and menstruation. In particular, estrogen seems to be the primary suspect in female migraine attacks because it is responsible for almost all bodily processes of females, specifically in the onset of menstruation.


Migraines can also be caused by muscular activity and other matters that manifest themselves physically on the body. Health conditions, such as low blood pressure, pregnancy, and others are known to cause migraines. Uneven and improper posture may also cause the condition by reason of the misalignment of body functions and systems. Also, excessive fatigue, physical exertion, and low temperatures may also cause migraines because of blood-related conditions.


Simple stimuli such as sunlight and ambient noise may also cause migraines if the victim has certain sensitivity to these by reason of a medical condition. The causes of migraines are not really mysteries, and it only takes a little common sense to know that when you understand these migraine causes, dealing with them become easier.


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