Knowing How to Deal with Ocular Migraines

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Do migraines bother you on a regular basis? Has your work and lifestyle been affected by these headaches? Are you unable to function effectively because of your migraines?


If you answer yes to all the questions, then it is probably about time to face your migraine problem head on. The most common type of migraine is the ophthalmic migraine, or more commonly referred to as the ocular headache. Some call it eye migraine because you experience some form of visual impairment, like blind spots, flickering lights, or zigzag lights. Although normally there is no pain involved, there is an amount of inconvenience that you have to undergo for the average migraine time span of about 20 minutes.


To find out if this is the type of migraine you experience, you should see a doctor who can conduct a series of tests. Your doctor will most likely test your eyes initially. He may also want to ensure that there is nothing else physically wrong with you. Do not worry if the tests are numerous. It is merely precautionary. Most doctors will do this in an effort to rule out all other probable causes.


This migraine is caused by sudden disturbances in your vision. They may be harmless because they do not cause brain or visual damage. However, the migraine might be a symptom of a more serious medical problem, and this needs to be considered.


The causes of this type of migraine can come from stress, changes in your premenstrual cycle, hunger, alcohol, oral contraceptives, and in some cases, certain types of food, exercise, and exposure to sun.


If your cause is found to be stress, you should take some steps to minimize this in your life. Schedule “me time” wherein you can relax and rejuvenate.


The common foods that can induce ocular migraine are red wine, caffeine, dairy products, including chocolate, chicken liver, preserved meat, and food with MSG. Try avoiding these items for a while and see if your headaches lessen.


If you drive a lot, you work with heavy machines, or you care for babies, studying your migraine causes and the initial signs of a migraine onset can save your life and the lives of others.


Sometimes, all it takes are certain changes in your lifestyle to reduce the number of times you get migraines. Healthy lifestyles are all the rage right now, and for no other reason than your sanity, you should consider sitting down and examining your lifestyle. You might be surprised at how many things in life you will be better off without.


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