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Have you ever had a migraine so annoyingly painful that you have left marks on your bedroom wall caused by repeated head banging just to get rid of the pain? Have you ever cried yourself to sleep each night of a week-long migraine attack? And have you threatened to use a shotgun to blow away anyone who makes the slightest noise? If you have, then obviously, you do not know how to pick your migraine headache cures.


Migraines are headaches — plain and simple. There is nothing special about this health condition that it should be placed on top of a pedestal. This is because like most health conditions, a migraine is caused by hormones and blood-related activities of the body. There is nothing special about it. It is just biology.


So now, how do you cure a migraine?


Unfortunately, you can’t. Once you get a migraine, it will keep coming like the plague, and there is nothing you can do about it, except to make use of some ways to alleviate the pain.


The first thing to do is to draw the curtains. Migraines make that part of the brain controlling eyesight extremely sensitive that even the light from a handheld torch is enough to make you scream. Wear an eye mask when you lie down so that when you wake up, you will not get blasted by a sudden ray of light.


The next thing to do is to make sure everything is quiet. Shut off the computer and the radio; and put off work for the next morning, or when your migraine eventually decides to leave. In the same way that you are sensitive to light, sound can do wonders to make you go crazy overnight. Try to keep quiet yourself. Screaming at the neighbor’s kids for them to keep quiet will not make things better.


Take a few pain relievers. If these do not work, go see a physician and get a prescription for something that can control hormone imbalance and can relieve pain.


Drink plenty of water. Drink more water than your usual 3 glasses a day. Dehydration may cause a migraine to worsen so kick up your water intake a notch and actually try to take that 8 glasses-a-day threshold.


Managing a migraine is simpler than it sounds. Just relax and keep yourself as comfortable as possible. If you don’t, you would go through an entire book of migraine headache cures without even getting an iota of relief.


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