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It is time to face the truth: almost everything that is packed inside our grocery stores and supermarkets belongs to food that was grown and pumped inside with pesticides and growth hormones as well. This is very unhealthy for all of us having at the same time a negative effect on our children.

It is more than ascertained that eating organic foods hasn’t proved other than being tastier together with the higher level of nutrients and the less chances of developing cancer disease or other illnesses. The fact that our children’s body is developing it is not worth it putting it at the risk of becoming sick. It is indeed a reality the organic food is more expensive when buying, but its benefits worth every penny of it.

The cost of these organic products could be saved as long as you have a large garden and are decided to grow in it fruit trees and your won veggies. At the same time you need to put up with your kids question when you are inquired what is there ready for dinner: the Taco bell or McDonald’s.

Then you shouldn’t wonder at the fact that your kid weighs 100 pound! The point is that this happens because the growth hormones that are injected in the animals that make the object of the processed foods delivered through McDonald’s or other snack food chains.

What is there to do in this situation, especially that your kid has already the germ of addiction towards this kind of junk food? Then in this case as your kid has grown accustomed to this food as well he/she can become un-accustomed as well, once you change your lifestyle. This can be very hard, indeed if you are not used to buying organic food but this can step by step become a habit on daily basis and it starts with the parents.

Therefore a slow but sure pace step needs to be taken inside your family’s diet and if you follow the following tips you can give your kid a fresh start in life with a good health state:

– eliminate carbonated drinks and juices that contain sugar, replacing them with organic 100% fruit juice that has no sugar in addition.

– purchase organic food whenever you can afford or have it grown on your own.

– reduce the dining outs to one time per month.

– healthy snacks can be taken with your whenever you will be on the road, and have them put inside a cooler. The baby’s organic food should be kept in your car.

– purchase organic milk that will last up to a couple of weeks and as such you will be sure that your child is not drinking the hormones of growth that cows are injected with in order to produce more milk.

– fresh foods should always be present inside your fridge; thus you can serve your family a fresh healthy food and not a frozen one.

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