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A lot of people ask themselves why the cost of organic food is significantly higher than the cost of regular food. Is regular food uneatable and/or organic food a delicacy? Is it a sign of snobbery to consume organic food?

First of all, organic agriculture involves using other than chemical fertilizers, nutrients, pesticides, insecticides when farming. This way the crops grow healthy and get a natural look, the pollution is minimal, and water and soil is used without waste.

Yes, such things are possible, since chemicals did not co-exist alongside with man in medieval times, and people managed to get their food supply, in most cases probably healthier food supplies than the world gets today.

A good example of natural fertilizer that’s being used in organic farming is manure. Animals residing at an organic farm get a better taste of life in comparison to animals from non organic farms. Every morning they serve breakfast, organic breakfast mind you, and in most cases they’re left to do as they please.

They roam free until sundown when they happily retrieve to the stables where they’re treated like guests- meanwhile their personal habitat has been cleaned. They are not being fed any kind of growth hormones nor are they given antibiotics. Instead they are really good taken care of.

They are also not kept in cages as chickens in non organic farms, nor their peaks are not cut off. So you see, the results including diaries- in the case of cows, goats or sheep, or meat are significantly abundant in quality, for their life is put to minimal or no stress.

We can train ourselves to spot genuine organic food by checking the label for “100% organic” written on it. When labeled “95% organic” it goes without saying that the food product contains 5 percent worth of something non organic in its composition. If the label reads “made with other ingredients” then you’re holding a product at least 70% organic. Simply labeling a product “natural” or “hormone-free” does not mean it’s truly organic.

There has been no study conducted to prove which food is more nutritious between organic and non organic. However most of non organic food contain at least some trace of pesticides. Dangerous or not we don’t know for sure, since scientists claim these pesticides are almost harmless for us, humans.

Being 110% natural, organic food does not look like on a catwalk as non organic food does, but it sure tastes like whipped cream with cherry or at least that’s what organic food advocates say.

Organic food also known as bio food is more expensive and the reason are understandable The crop yields are lower, the farming practices are somewhat slower and expensive, considering organic farmers rely mostly on working their soil with tools than with chemicals, thus the labor can be quite exhausting. Add them up and you’ll figure why the high price for organic food.


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