The Difference Between Natural and Organic Foods

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With so many grocery stores emerging on the food market, such as it is Whole Foods in USA, healthy food started to be more available and more widespread. Though many people recon that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ regarding these products can be changed one with the other, there is somehow a difference that you must be aware of especially when you have to go out and purchase healthy food for your dinner.

Natural food and organic food can not be mistaken one for another as there is no term to be considered legal when it comes to natural products as it is the case with organic products. In 2000 US Department of Agriculture has issued some guidelines for the producers who wanted to label their products with “organic’.

As such the guidelines suggested that no product can be organic as long as it was grown and processed using:

– pesticides

– synthetic fertilizers

– genetic engineering

– sewer sludge fertilizers

– hormones for growth

– irradiation

– antibiotics

Natural was introduced as a term by the food industry which hasn’t been regulated yet by the government. Generally speaking, the natural label is put for the foods that do not contain preservatives and haven’t suffered too much processing. Along with these features, natural foods have ingredients that are not chemicals but rather environmentally friendly.

Whenever you see a product labeled “USDA Organic” it means that this one has complied with the regulations that are required for a product to be organic. Along with the label you need to know that there re several levels to which a product can attain the status of organic. “100% organic foods” is the one that has to be 100% organic.

Another label that says ‘organic’ means that it contains at least 95% organic ingredients. The ones with 70% organic or even more are the products that are made with organic ingredients.

Although most people think there are the veggies and fruits that can be organic there are other products that can be chemical-free too. For instance, the cosmetic products, which are made only from organic components.

There are also the organic grapes that can be grown for organic wine. In fact, if you take a better look you will come to understand that tactually the organic food is the one that farmers have produced since the onset of the agriculture.

The bottom line here is that the term ‘natural’ doesn’t have to trick you as the products still have a minimal process with no preservatives that’s right, but yet not 100% organic products that are certified by the regulation institution.


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