Without a doubt, Kauai has something for everyone

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Kauai is the fourth largest and the oldest Hawaiian island and has a little bit of everything so it can offer something to everyone.  This island has beautiful beaches like all of the islands, but it also has one of the world’s deepest canyons.

The island is 550-square miles and is divided into five regions:  the North Shore, Lihue, the South Shore, the East Side, and the West Side.  Each part of the island is completely unique and has its own identity and landscape.  There are towns within each region that tend to cater more to the tourism industry of the island.  These areas are better suited for making vacation or investment purchases.  There are also many areas that are devoted much more to the residents of the island.

The North Shore is home to the towns Hanalei Bay, Princeville, and Kilauea.  These are also the most-well known towns on the island.  The average price of a home in this area is $450,000 to $600,000 depending on the exact area of the home.  Condos, fractional ownership homes, and those in need of some upgrading tend to have a starting price of $200K.  The more luxurious areas that are more tourists centric tend to start a little higher at $800K.

From North Shore and then going east towards the East Side and Lihue real estate tends to start around $500K.  Homes requiring some work, short sales, and REOs can be found in these areas for as little as $300K.  Luxury homes on the other hand can go for well over $3 million.

Lihue is the official county seat of Kauai and the second largest city on the island.  The largest town is Kapa’a, and this is also where the most shopping can be accomplished on the island as well as finding a great bite to eat among other activities.

The South Shore is also a popular tourist destination, and the town of Poipu is a favorite because it has some of the best beaches on the entire island.  This town is near Koloa, which was most well-known for having the first sugar plantation in Hawaii.  Ele’ele is another town in this area, and it is home to Hawaii’s largest coffee producer, Kauai Coffee Company.

Buyers can find fixer up property, short sales, and REOs in this area around $200K.  The luxury property on the South Shore can easily surpass $10 million.  Most property that can be found in this area is either for vacation purposes or for rental investments.  More affordable property that is still great for investments can be most likely found in Ele’ele.  Kalaheo is a newer area that is consistently growing as more subdivisions are being developed.

On the West Side of the island real estate primarily consists of residences.  Homes here are more off the beaten track than in other parts of the island.  The most well-known towns here are Waimea and Hanapepe.  This part of the island is also well-known for being the home of the Waimea Canyon or the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

The West Side has property that ranges in price from $350K to $1 million.  It is possible to find homes for as little as $200K if the buyer is considering short sales, REOs, or homes that need some upgrading.

The lifestyle of Kauai is well known for making people on vacation decide to make this their permanent home.  The island has a very diverse group of people with 50 percent of them being non-Native Hawaiians.  It is a common thing here to overhear people discussing how they fell in love with the island so much on their visit that it had to become their new home.

Living in Kauai is very much like living elsewhere if elsewhere was also paradise.  People still go to work and enjoy their lives; however, here they get more of a laid back lifestyle.  Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere that can get away with wearing flip-flops everywhere?

Kauai has so many types of geography that it is hard to run out of things to do on this island.  The Na Pali Coast on the North Shore is great for hiking up steep cliffs to overlook the Pacific Ocean.  The Waimea Canyon is something everyone should check out that lives in Kauai or is just visiting.  The Wailua River on the East Side is the only water in Hawaii that is navigable for kayaking and boating.  Plus, the beaches on the island are great for a day relaxing out in the sun.

Without a doubt, Kauai has something for everyone.  Prices on the island have such a wide spread there is definitely a price match for everybody.  There is not a shortage of owning a home on Kauai or to build a nice investment in the area.  Even first time buyers should be able to find their own little piece of paradise.


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