2 Ingredients to Tap Your Creativity

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The first ingredient then is motivation. The question to ask is why. It must be the right motivation so that will it build up enthusiasm in you. Perhaps you want to invent a much simpler, more convenient and efficient well rice thresher which is well within the price that small farmers can afford. That is motivation enough. Your sincerity in wanting to help the small farmers will make you work harder from now on.

The second step then is to gather sufficient data about rice threshers already in the market, what materials you need, how much the new product will approximately cost, how much time is needed to finish it. You also study the farmers’ needs, marketing problems, financing. You talk to people knowledgeable in this field, ever to the end–users themselves — the farmers.

In short, you make an in-depth study of the project.

You make a detailed plan, complete with sketches and figures. With all these now in your position, you go into the third step. Assemble the machine in. your mind as you see it, as you imagine it. You can almost see its shape, feel its solid form, and see it working even. In other words, the machine is now working in your mind.

Up to this point, all you’ve been using is your conscious mina, your brain. It has analyzed your problem, calculated the expenses, figured out everything that has to be done, imagined how it ‘would work. That is all it could do. At this point, your brain has reached its limit. It cannot create the machine for you; it has no power to create. It can only provide you the thought or the idea, nothing more.

What shall it do?

Now it drops like a seed all the data into your subconscious mind, there to incubate and germinate just as the soil does to a mustard seed. The subconscious will now take over.


The second ingredient is faith. Of course, you need to believe in all these. Without your faith in the creative power of your subconscious, nothing will ever come out of your efforts. You yourself will be confused and pessimistic. You know you could do it, the idea is there, the motivation is there, but lack of faith prevents you from accomplishing your goal.

You see, faith is the substance of things unseen.


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