9 Tips on How to Stay and Feel Young on Your Next Birthday

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Some persons feel depressed about getting older because they recognize that they have finally reached the top level in their work and will probably not progress any further. Others tend to be overly concerned with their looks and they worry about being no longer young and good-looking.

What all these persons should recognize is that each phase of life offers new challenges and its own special rewards.

One expert emphasized that if a person adopts the right approach and a more positive attitude; he can feel younger and can grow older with pleasure. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Here are 9 tips on how to stay and feel young on your next birthday:

MAINTAIN AN ACTIVE SOCIAL LIFE. Keep up your friendships. Reach out to others. Find things and persons you enjoy being involved with. Don’t get in the habit of retreating to the living room and the TV set.

FOCUS ON THE HERE AND NOW. You may have to recognize that you have reached the top in your field, but look at your situation as rather like going to a good restaurant and eating a wonderful meal. Redirect your gaze from future and delayed rewards to things available here and now.

BE FLEXIBLE. If your children are grown-up and have left home, find something to do which you enjoy. Get involved in a hobby or consider a part-time job. The important thing is to look at this as a new challenge.

PLAN YOUR FINANCES. It’s important to have some kind of security planning, so that as you grow older you’re not constantly worried about poverty.

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HEALTH. Stop smoking, lose weight if you have to, get some exercise and get your teeth checked. Do all the things that you haven’t done for a while.

CONCENTRATE ON YOUR STRONGER POINTS — You may have the same capabilities, strengths or looks as you once had, but don’t become preoccupied with that.

DEVELOP LIFELONG INTERESTS. Get interested in something like golf, tennis, a musical instrument or art.

COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR SPOUSE. When a couple can grow together and communicate with each other they can be very supportive to each other.

DON’T DENY GROWING OLDER. Rather than not face up to the fact that one day you’ll be in your 60s, try to figure out what you might want to be doing then.


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