Do You Know That Your Dreams Have Creative Power?

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Whether you are a writer, a painter, an inventor, a farmer, a businessman, a doctor, a housewife or an ordinary employee, your dreams can create things for you if you will only let them do their job.

Many of the things you see and use today were created from dreams by people who have learned to value the creative power of their dreams. The sewing machine needles, the airplane, the submarine, the telegraph, even the lowly paper clip — all these were created by dreams — and a lot more.

Of course, you need not have a college degree to have the ability to dream. Each one of us dreams every time we sleep whether we remember our dreams or not. We spend about 20 percent of our total sleep time in a dream state. Research has found that, on the average, we spend some one and a half hours each night dreaming, or a total of approximately four years of our lifetime.

Many of our dreams are potentially creative, but we never provide the fuel to give them creative power.

The images that appear in your dream await to be given form and shape in your waking hours. They could well be the characters for a story, the scenes for a painting masterpiece, the missing link to a new invention, or the actual image of a pros1wctive life partner.

In an issue of the Reader’s Digest, a girl had sketched the face of a man she had seen in a dream. Unfortunately, she died before she could ever meet him. In a strange twist of fate, he became the recipient of one of her eyes in an eye transplant. When he finally met her family to thank there personally, he was astonished to see the startling likeness of the pencil sketch to him.


Dreams are visual images distilled, during sleep, by the subconscious mind from our experiences, thoughts and emotions. These are the shape of things we have seen or will see, of people we met or will soon meet; the images of our thoughts and imaginings. Many are distorted out of focus; others are very vague and not recognizable at all.

It is your conscious thoughts that deeply affect the content of your dreams. Be negative, sour and fatalistic, and your dreams will he as negative. Positive thinking is the key to positive —and therefore, creative — dreaming.

Thoughts are things, someone had said. He was right. Unfortunately, we hardly see the things in our thoughts. We see the words that give expression to our thoughts, but we cannot visualize the forms that they evoke until someone shows them to us, or creates them for us.

Take the word “stone.” At once, you see it in your mind as something scattered by the roadside or in the river bed. It is round, it is oblong or jagged. It is big, it is small. It is black, it is white. Many shapes, many sizes. But it is just a stone. You don’t see it as a magnificent building, an exquisite jewelry, or an exotic garden decor. .

On the other hand, when you think of the word “glass,” it immediately evokes in your mind the many different products made of glass that you have already seen like drinking glass, eyeglasses, mirror, bottles, window panes, or broken glass. This is because someone with an unusual creative imagination has molded glass into these products. He had thought of glass as an idea with shape and form. Like thoughts dreams are things too. Many primitive cultures have discovered this a long time ago. The American Indians, the Senois of Malaysia, the batik makers of Indonesia, the porcelain potters of China, even the Igorot weavers and carvers of the mountain provinces in the Philippines have produced exquisite products with the help of the creative power of their dreams.

You can too.


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