How to Dress Sexy while Still Being Classy

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It is a myth that you cannot look sexy as well as classy, simultaneously. This is certainly possible if you cater to a few things. This look does not necessitate a big budget, as it is possible to look elegant even within limited resources. There are certain things you should keep in mind when you are dressing in a sexy manner, so as to look classy at the same time.

It is important that you should have certain high-quality basics and this is necessitated within your wardrobe and ensures that this is really enduring and is also capable of sustaining the actual test of time as well as the altering fashion drift. Primary basics must necessarily incorporate black dress pants, which you must possess at least a few pairs of. It is also beneficial if you can possess a minimum of one pair so as to possess a pin stripe which will bestow your body with added length in addition to diversity, along with one pair along with a cuff on the base.

You must acquire a few exceptional tops like short sleeved as well as ¾ length tops amid Lycra (as this would assist in maintaining the shape)  and this should be acquired in v-neck along with round neck styles. The colors which you must opt for, as far as the tops are concerned are black, white as well as red, and see to it that if you are unable to sport red, maybe gray would be an ideal color for you. This is necessary as this is to be worn beneath blazers in the company of pants and can in addition be displayed along with jeans for an informal look, which is to be sported on a Friday.

It is also necessary for you to acquire a few pleasant black skirts as well as a pencil skirt; alternately you can go in for a slender A-line, patterned skirt as well as a skirt which is extra loose as well as cool, when it is worn. It is also imperative that you must go in for a suit, and in this regard colors which you can opt for are black, navy as well as a camel colored suit which is ideal for summer wear. It is also possible for you to sport a blazer along with a skirt, and it is not imperative for you to acquire a skirt suit, for this purpose.

This brings us to the shoes, which are required to complete the classy look. It is a must for you to invest in a minimum of 3 comfy pairs of shoes, possibly a pair of flats as well and you might as well go in for 2 pairs of heels, among which one is lower and the additional one could incorporate an elevated pump style.

These are the essential ways by which you could ensure that you look classy as well as sexy simultaneously, and this would ensure that you turn heads wherever you go.


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