How to Produce Money-Making Ideas through Your Dreams

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What is the cigarette flip-top box has nothing new except the top that you flip to open it, which also serves as protection for the sticks left inside? The colored toothpaste cleans teeth like the ordinary white toothpaste, but its added color makes it more inviting. There are endless lists of creative products in the market that can still be improved to look different and entirely view. All you have to do is make use of the creative power of your dreams to cash in on the profits.

But how?


There are two ways. One way is by association. The second way is by deliberate planning.

You have been using the associative process without knowing it. By association, we mean the combining of two or more ideas or products to create new one. You associate an idea with another to form an entirely new idea.

Or, find a need and fill it with a new idea or product.

This was how Edison created the electric bulb. He could not work properly with his kerosene lamp, so he thought of a better idea. The television set was actually an improvement from the radio. The electric car you heard from Clarkfield sometime ago was perhaps a new, version of a forerunner, an electric auto manufactured in the US in 1912 to solve a problem — pollution.


Now, how does the creative power of your dreams help you produce money-making ideas then? First, prime the pump, so to speak, by planting the need for an idea in your subconscious mind. Idea of what? Any idea.

But it would be best for you if you concentrate in your field of interest. You have already a lot of experiences and have acquired a deeper insight there which would provide inspiration for new ideas. Look for a need in your area. Then think of a solution in the form of ideas or products. Associate these with that need.

The next step is to request your subconscious mind to help you in this regard. During the night, or in your relaxed moments, especially when you are alone and’ there’s no one to disturb you, concentrate and meditate. Do this a few times until you are sure that your request has already been implanted deeply in your inner self.

The more intense your desire is, the faster your dreaming self will work on your idea or need. Your thoughts, dreams and emotions will create magnetic lines that will attract things, people and circumstances to give you the desired result.

Third, wait and be aware. The idea may pop out any time. Be prepared for it. In many instances, you will get it from your dreams in the form of images. You may see a photograph there, or hear a word. Or you may dream of a friend, a relative, perhaps a complete stranger or a friendly spirit who will tell you what to do or where to find your answer. It was in this way that Stevenson’s dream friends whom he call the “Brownies” created for him in detail the bizarre story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

In other instances, the answer will come from something that you will see, hear, read or remember in your waking state. The psychic power of your subconscious mind is at work at all times, it never sleeps nor rests. It is most effective during your calm moments, especially while you are asleep. The answer may come at any moment, directly or indirectly.


Now, how do you go about planning to dream about a creative product?

Thoughts precede the product, don’t they? A rocking chair is first a thought before it becomes a product. Between the thinking and the finished product, Planning was involved — deliberate planning.

As a ship captain charts his course first before embarking on a journey, so does the creative dreamer if he must succeed in his creativity. It does not matter what he wants to produce. All things were the product of thorough planning. If this is not so, there would be chaos in the universe.

Okay, you now have an idea of what you want to create. A rice thresher, for instance, why rice thresher? You know that there are dozens of brands already in the market, why create another. You have to have a reason, not just to create.


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