How to Turn Your Creative Dreams into Profitable Ideas

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Even in these modern times, we have not learned to see beyond the shape of a product, or read between the lines, so to speak. We hardly visualize perhaps out of sheer laziness or lack of motivation.

The creative power of dreams provides you not only with new ideas — but can also improve your skills and refine your character as well. It has been said that internationally famous golfer Jack Nicklaus perfected his golf swing after a particularly frustrating game on the basis of a dream where he saw himself the club so unlike used the way he used to. A friend who was such an introvert in college because of a physical defect started to enjoy the company of friends after dreaming of being ostracized by her classmates.


The kind of person you are plays an important part in your creative dreams. A soldier would be dreaming of guns and war, wouldn’t he? An architect would be interested in buildings and construction materials. A painter would dream of sceneries, of colors.

It is better to look for creative ideas in your own area of interest. You will know exactly what to look for, where to look for. You even get results faster because you already have a vast storehouse of data filed in your memory vault and waiting to be tapped.

Nothing happens by chance here. While you seem to be working alone and dreaming alone, people or events are creating circumstances that will give you the desired results.


There is a simple method of creating products from your dreams. This is by dreaming the creative product in its totality. It is shown to you in its complete form in the dream, like Tartini’s The Devil’s Sonata, which was composed and played in the violin by the devil himself in Tartini’s dream.

We might call this dream an inspiration. It is a rare dream. When it does happen to you, remember it. Write it immediately, sketch it, paint it, and produce it. However unique it is, however strange the image that comes to you in the dream, don’t throw it away by not recording it. You may not have a need for it today but you will surely have a need for it tomorrow. Value your dreams. Wait for their coming eagerly each night. They are an inexhaustible source of creative ideas and products that can make you rich.


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