The Secret to Unleash Your Creative Power

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You have two minds actually: the conscious mind which is in that grey matter in your head called the brain, and the subconscious mind. No one has pin-pointed where this mind is located but it is said to be much higher than your conscious mind. Psychics tell us that this is the source of your creative power. It can tap its creative needs from the inexhaustible resources of the Cosmic Mind or Supreme Intelligence which governs all things in the universe.

Free your conscious mind of the problem and let your subconscious work on it. Do not think about it anymore. Anxiety would only muddle your thoughts. Relax instead. Do something else. Rest. Read. Give yourself some fun. .

In the meantime, tell your subconscious to go to work on the problem. Since you have given all the data to it, let it do its job without any interference from you. Then wait. Be aware. Listen. Be alert. Watch for the answer. Your subconscious will not fail you if you have done your homework well.

You noticed that you gather all the facts and information needed. That is right. Without these data, there is no mold upon which your subconscious mind could create the things that you desire.

How do you gather the facts again? By reading, interviewing, looking at photographs, making sketches, doing extensive research. All these are part of your deliberate planning. Then visualize the project in its finished form. You might want to sketch it, make a rough model. Here ends your planning.

Now the subconscious takes over to harness outside creative forces to produce what you have planned.

After that the next step is to roll up your sleeves and do the actual assembling — after your dream has shown you the image of the product that you desire. The more you put into your mind (data, info, desire), the more you will eventually get out of it If you put nothing in there, there is nothing from which your dream self or subconscious mind can draw from. Your dreams will draw from the full range of your experiences, not just a portion of it. And you do not have to spend years in college to be able to do this. Just fill your cranium with data, both in words as well as in photographs, figures, scents and sounds, and your dreaming self will be ready for you when you need it.

The idea is to feed your brain with the proper fuel everyday as you would your car for daily use, and it will work for you without fail. Make it a habit to eliminate your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ideas, and you will never again be mentally impoverished.


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