The Way You Lie in Bed Reveals Your True Self

October 6, 2009 by  
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The way we sleep can tell us a lot about ourselves —whether we are protective or seek protection, whether we are affectionate or need affection, whether we are acquisitive, possessive or jealous.

1. If you cradle your head on your arm, you have a strongly protective personality. You are a person on whom friends and family can lean with confidence. You are something of an idealist, always ready to uphold the rights of the underdog, and you are in your element when battling for a supposedly lost cause.

You have a highly sympathetic nature and are a very good listener. You speak only when you have something to say. When you do speak, your advice is worth having.

You are loyal and faithful to those whom you love, and you’re determined and ambitious both for yourself and your family.

2. If you go to sleep curled up almost in a ball, perhaps with your hands linked around your legs, you seek protection rather than offer it. You are constantly searching for security and affection. More than anything else, you want someone to love you and take care of you.

You are not a person to take risks or chances, either in your personal life or in business.

You prefer to cling to the tried and true, even if they are also somewhat humdrum. In a curious way you find pleasure and security in being in a rut, in doing the same things and meeting the same persons.

You dislike change and are inclined to be nervous when meeting new persons or visiting new places.

You are extremely loyal and devoted to those whom you love, but you need reassurance in the form of constant attention, sympathy and displays of affection.

3. If you go to sleep snuggled right down under the covers, so that only the tip of your nose is showing, you almost certainly have an acquisitive and possessive nature. You are inclined to be something of an exhibitionist, seeking to be the center of attention.

You always have a good tale to tell, some new possession to display or some new diversion to suggest. You are the life and soul of the party.

You are always in search of something different—news friends, new places and new experiences.

You like to acquire things and to surround yourself with both possessions and people, but what is yours has to be all yours. You dislike sharing things—specially the affection of those whom you love.


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