What Does Your Sleeping Position Tell About Your Personality

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No one sleeps in the same position throughout the night, but there is one position we prefer to all others—the position in which we find the final relaxation. How do you lie in those last few moments—when you’re half wakeful and half drifting—before sleep?

Psychologists say that there are 3 favorite positions for inducing sleep. Here they are—with their meanings:

* If you hug or cuddle yourself to sleep, you are an essentially practical and efficient person of high ideals and strong opinions. You are, most of all, a forthright person. You mean what you say and say what you mean—sometimes loudly and forcibly.

The trouble is that you seldom listen to what others say and you cannot be bothered with, other persons’ points of view if they happen to differ from your own. With all that, you have an extremely loyal and protective personality and a kind though not always understanding heart.

* If you go to sleep stretched flat out on your back, you are extremely ambitious. This makes you sometimes difficult to live with and not always attentive to the needs of others.

You dislike playing second fiddle to anyone. You want to run things, to be in charge, both in your personal life and in your work.

To you a career is more important than marriage, and your own affairs are more important than those of your parents, friends, your husband or your children.

You are inclined to be dogmatic, obstinate and overbearing, but you also have the drive that brings results.

You will go places in life. So will your children when the time comes. You will see to that.

However, you must watch that you don’t organize and run your family affairs so much or you may find yourself losing the affection of those whom you care for most.

* If you sleep on your tummy, you are anything but forceful and ambitious. You think of others before you think of yourself, and you will devote yourself selflessly to the needs of those near and dear to you.

The trouble is that you are inclined to avoid anything that seems awkward or unpleasant. You prefer to take the easy way out, to avoid trouble at all costs.

You love beautiful things and have a high degree of artistic talent, but all too often this talent lies hidden because it is so much trouble for you to develop and exploit it.

There is always something else that needs do first -usually something to be done for someone else close to you.

What you need is a forceful friend or partner who can encourage or persuade you to bring your hidden talent out. Only then will you get the best out of life.


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