Why Do You Have to Forgive?

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It is said that giving is more blessed than receiving. But there is one human trait that is most blessed — forgiving.

What should reign over the hearts and minds of people is forgiveness. Is it not a Christian dictum that one must love even his enemies? So, if a friend or relative has done you wrong, all the more that you must bury the hatchet, so to speak. Confucius also said that “to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”


An interesting story about kindness and forgiving is that of a retired city mayor who has the distinction of having served his city in four terms and never a lot of people. He helped make simple men turn into seasoned politicians. He helped everybody, especially the needy and the poor. Budding politicians used to come to him for support. But when the time came that he needed them much, these people turned their back lo this retired city mayor. All the acts of kindness he has extended have all been forgotten or more aptly, ignored. But was he bitter? No. He forgave even those godsons who have forsaken him in his time of need. He also forgave those denouncing and attacking him in the mass media. “I am engrossed with my work that I have no time to think of retaliation. Let them enjoy destroying me; and I will prove my strength and tenacity,” he used to say when asked why he never bothered to answer and counter-attack the people who humiliate and try to destroy him. And he proved himself right when despite criticisms and innuendos leveled against him by his enemies, he still emerged the victor and he even went to the extent of offering help to his detractors and political enemies.

At this juncture, it is relevant to quote what Author Napoleon Hill says in his book The Law of Success: “Render the other fellow an act of kindly, helpful service … and he will render you a similar service. And, if he should fail to reciprocate your kindness — what then? . . . One reason for being just toward others is the fact that such action may cause them to reciprocate, in kind, but a better reason is the fact that kindness and justice toward others develop positive character in all who indulge in these acts. You may withhold from me the reward to which I am entitled for rendering you helpful service, but no one can deprive me of the benefit I will derive from the rendering of that service in so far as it adds to my own character.”

So, if you want to be happy, healthy and with a positive character and peace of mind — be tolerant. FORGIVE.


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