Why Is It Necessary to Learn Forgiveness?

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Oftentimes, we hear people say “I can’t forgive that man for what he has done to me.” These people who harbor hate against their fellowmen are only punishing themselves. For as long as they maintain their ill-feelings against people who have antagonized them or if they entertain a persistent desire to get even, things will never be the same.


As Christian, we have to learn to forgive those people who have done us wrong or caused us misery. Let us not forget that we, too, human as we are, commit mistakes and shortcomings. Thus, let us not hate persons who have stepped on our toes. Let not ill-feelings and resentment envelop ourselves.

Let us consider, too, that health is one factor that gives happiness. And for our health’s sake, let us always be forgiving. Yes, we have to learn the virtue of forgiving. Take this experience of a former superintendent of public schools. He once helped to the hilt a classroom teacher become a head teacher, on to becoming a principal, then as a district supervisor. The said teacher, now supervisor, was deserving of those promotions. But in so short a time, she could not have had these promotions without her superintendent’s full backing. He took in stride all the criticisms leveled against him by his detractors for helping that teacher rise in her profession. Now when the superintendent has retired, his successor turned out to be one of his fiercest detractors. The teacher-turned-supervisor, in a case of flagrant ingratitude, turned her back on her benefactor, the retired superintendent. She would not even greet him in public for the fear that the incumbent superintendent would learn of it and thereby cause the incumbent’s ire against her. When asked whether he harbors any resentment against his protégé, the retired superintendent just shrugged off his shoulders and said: “Well, it’s up to her. I have nothing against her. I only hope that she and her new ‘boss’ would have their peace of mind.”

If you forgive the people who have wronged you, you will be happy and calm. No unpleasant emotions will reign over you. As Napoleon Hill suggests: “When you feel yourself preparing to ‘lock horns’ with someone, remember that it will be profitable if you LOCK HANDS instead!


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