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When you want to paint something then you will do it on a palette which is the main foundation. It is also the first and most important step in process of good cosmetic application. First of all you should use a good moisturizer which also contains sunscreen should be applied. Now next thing is you should chose a perfect foundation depending upon the tone of your skin. Match should be good enough so that it looks nice your face. Another most important tip is contouring. It should be done now at this point. You should use very light that means almost white foundation with a tiny brush. You should try to paint any wrinkles which are visible. Even you should apply the same principle for the darker colors also. If your face is round or your chin is doubled then it is suggested that you should use darker foundation shade. You should use powder in the same area so that your face looks slim. If you want your foundation to last longer than it should be covered by light dusting of complimentary facial powder.

Once the foundation part is almost done then the next thing is to set the facial features. Even sometimes we forgot the eyebrows also. If you just simply touch your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil then it will create a great framework so that your eyes will pop. If you want to lift the eyebrows and you want to create space above your eyes then just keep a light eye shadow and apply it to the entire eyelid all the way up to the eyebrows. You should use a sponge brush with a base color and then apply it from the eyelid into the crease of the eye. Now next is if you want a particularly dramatic look then you can try to make a triangle shape with the use of  a dark color to the outer corner of your eye. You should use these colors in such a way that it is blended upward and outward with just small strokes.

To finally complete the eye you can finally use an eye pencil in small, feathery strokes. Even if you are not finding it capable to draw a straight line, just simply use a dark shadow to the edge of the lid to create a line. Experts have suggested one of the beauty cosmetic tips is about the eye. They said that you should only draw a line only half of the area under the eye from the corner back toward the center so it will make your eyes look larger. Finally apply a coat of mascara because it is used for the perfect finishing touch.

Using beauty cosmetics on the lips and cheeks is also very nice thing. If you want that lip color should not get spread around your mouth then you should consider using a lip liner. If you use all of the above mentioned beauty tips it is surely going to produce a great result.

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