Do good looks equal success & happiness?

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Good looks are equivalent with success, as well as happiness. There is no additional methodical evidence which is necessitated in order to corroborate this fact. This is the reason as to why there is a high demand for cosmetic surgery, as well as enhanced demand for the beauty industry. Ever since the time when he is born, a child’s looks have a lot to determine, and this happens all through his educational years, throughout university, and continues till the time when he is settled in his vocation. After all, it is an actuality that a person who is good-looking would enjoy certain privileges as compared with someone who is not.

There are two determining aspects which establish a person’s achievement or failure, which are confidence as well as self-worth. Wherever a person who is attractive to look at, visits, he is entitled to his share of credit, as well as approval. This makes it feasible for them to improve their performance, as they are assured that it would lead to a favorable outcome. An average looking person works quite hard to get his share of credit, whereas a person, who is attractive to look at, gets it effortlessly.

Where certain areas are concerned like constructing long-lasting relationships, dating, as well as selecting one’s partner, people who are attractive to look at, are preferred initially. When a person is at the pubescent stage, this is the time when good looks are quite imperative as far as options are concerned. There are people who are employed within sales, the service sector, PR as well as marketing who resort to optimum usage of their looks, so that they can be the best in their profession.

However, in the past it has been proven that there were leaders, legendary figures as well as artists who have managed to accomplish a lot, and this was not just due to their good looks, but on account of their talent. There were people who did not possess a noticeable physical appearance, they were imperfect, and however they have managed to carve a niche for themselves, as compared with people who have just utilized their beauty to reach a particular position.

In fact the statement as to whether good looks equal success and happiness can be verified by the fact that if looks were all that important, parents would not have been able to love their lesser good looking children. In fact the topnotch positions within the corporate world would have been occupied by all the attractive people.

Though it is verity that people who are good-looking are given preference, it is equally true that your looks cannot ascertain the level of accomplishment which you would get, in future. Luck is also a determining factor, as it is impossible to solely rely on good looks. If you wish to be successful in this world, you would have to ensure that you have the requisite qualities which are required for success, namely personality, and professionalism.


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