How to Treat a Sun Burn

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When you went outside last time then you had not taken proper precautions from the sun and now you are facing problems with your skins. Now, you would be trying to get rid of sun burn to relieve your pain and repair the damages of your skin. Here are some basic tips and tricks which you can implement and make yourself safer from sun.

First basic treatment of sun burn is you should apply aloe Vera gel on your skin. This gel will make your skin cool and soothe and it will also help you to reduce the damage which is done to your skin. Aloe Vera is one great product which has got very powerful healing properties with anti-inflammatory properties. These all property of aloe gel will help you to treat sun burn.

Second step is you should wear a clothing which is not that much tight. Keep your clothing very loose so that your skin doesn’t get irritation. One of such good product which is good in this situation is rash guard shirts. They are best product which can give better treatment against sun burn.

Keep yourself away from the sun. Keep yourself inside your home if possible. Keep your clothing in such way that it can easily protect you from the sun.

Generally, many people believe that ibuprofen is a pill which is only used for headache, but actually it is a pill which can give you a relief from all pains. If you are feeling very uncomfortable with your sunburn then you can take this one. There won’t be any great difference but at least you will feel that your swelling is totally reduced.

If you are facing a sunburn that means your body is totally prone to dehydration. You need to drink lots of water in such situation. Always keep a water bottle with you so anytime if required you can rehydrate yourself.

Another factor to get the pain relief is keeping you cool. It is main factor in this. You can take cool bath. You can also apply cool compresses. But, remember not to use ice because it may further damage your skin and make your situation worse. When you are taking a bath you should add some oatmeal to it. It will help you more because they have all required oils which improve your skin. Even making use of green tea in the bath is also another good choice to protect your skin from damage.

One thing which you should keep in mind that, if you are having major sunburn means you are increasing the chances of getting skin cancer. Preventing the sunburn is very important when it is sunburn. Use a sunscreen with SPF value higher than 15. Keep yourself away from the sun during the peak hours. Wear comfortable clothes like rash guard shirts. If you are a person who is exposed to sun very often then you should regularly check your skin for growth with the changes. Taking all necessary steps can help you to avoid problems.


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