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When discussing about skin and body nature has given us amazing gift. There are many researches going on that how to treat skin problems naturally because natural treatment is very harmless and it’s very effective. After thorough research and lots of hard work some natural treatments have been found to cure skin problems. Here are some of the basic tips which are totally natural and it keeps your skin healthy without any problem.

  1. Drinking ample amount of water daily. Taking vitamin regularly.
  2. Don’t use hot water on face. Instead use warm water. So, that your skin can retain its moisture better.
  3. Regularly eat MUFA means monounsaturated fatty acids. Some of the examples are olive oil, dark chocolate, cord liver oil, nuts and seeds.
  4. One of the best and proven stuff to make big difference in your skin is Retinol. This cream should be used in conjunction with sun screen and it is easily available at any drug store.
  5. One of the important is Vitamin C. This can give you a gorgeous skin. Always use Vitamin C cream and apply it on your face so the dead cell goes and you find a new skin. The result can be clearly visible only within few weeks of utilization of Vitamin C cream.
  6. Even using sesame oil once in a while is also a good solution to get natural treatment. Just take some sesame oil warm it and gently massage it on your face. Try to use organic sesame oil. If it is not available then you can try virgin olive oil or avocado oil.
  7. Perform yoga daily. It has got lots of benefits. Your body circulation will be benefited from it. Even your body will detox naturally. Even doing yoga is not only for your skin it also gives a great benefit to your complete body. It keeps any one very healthy for a long time.
  8. Doing steam facial with different types of herbs. Take a pot of boiled water and a towel kept over your head. Some most common ingredients for this treatment are Avocado mashed up with some yogurt, oatmeal or some mashed strawberries. Even another thing which makes a great facial is Egg. First you should apply yolk and the whites once yolk gets completely dried. Another great facial is honey with just a drop of rose oil. It is the best natural treatment. You would be able to feel the softness in your skin.
  9. Try to sleep well and try to get sound sleep. It is also the best treatment. Even apart from that another two natural treatments are fresh air and natural sun light but in limited form.

10.  Finally something new, some gorgeous facial elixirs and bask. Because essential oils are one of the best secrets for younger looking skin.

It is not possible to try all these methods because the world moving at fast pace today. So, it becomes very time consuming process and it becomes difficult also.

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