Skin Cancer Causes and Prevention

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There are medical evidences available for skin cancer still many people insists using tanning beds or taking sunbaths and they don’t try to use any kind of protection technique for the same. It is normally seen today that many teenagers generally spend lots of time in harmful sun rays. Just because of this they suffer a lot and they face skin cancer. But, now skin cancer is considered as one easiest form of cancer which can be easily treated if detected on time.

Normally there two basic types of skin cancer, one is called melanomas and another one is non-melanomas. According to survey only 4% of melanomas diagnosed. It occurs in epidermis which is outer layer of the skin. They usually start appearing as dark moles with uneven edges. They are very deadly. On the other side non-melanomas are of two different types, basal cells and squamous cells. They are caused by having direct exposure of the sun.

Symptoms of skin cancer may vary from person to person. We have to find out those chemicals which actually cause these kinds of allergic reactions. Tumors which get developed by skin cancer are easily visible and one can easily diagnose the same. Patients having skin cancer might face rough type of patches on their skin. They also get spots which bleeds. It is very easy and it should be very important to protect your skin. You should completely protect your family members from this. You should always try to find out areas which are shady while you are going out. You can also make use of some kind of sun protection devices like rash guard shirts which gives better protection from sun’s ultra violet rays and they also help you to protect from this disease.

Children and people who are having very fair skin, they should use some kind of higher protection they others. It does not really means that you need to avoid sun every time, you should also be very careful while you are dealing with it. You should also protect certain sensitive areas like lips, palms, nose and other back side area of your hand. These parts should be given proper protection while they are exposed to sun. When you are going out you should not forget to give complete protection to your face. You should use sunscreen lotion to these parts which are very sensitive areas. Sunscreen is one most recommended form of protection. Even examining yourself should be done regularly. You should also consult your doctor annually. They can easily diagnose the things and can inform you about it.

On regular basis one should examine head and face using mirrors. You should also examine your scalp. Keep an eye on your hands and nails. Keep checking your elbows and underarms as well. Have a closer look at your chest and neck. If you find any type of changes in your skin like moles or sores which normally does not get healed easily then you should immediately consult your doctor.


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