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People are more interested in preventing skin cancer as they are becoming aged. In real life, it is one of the biggest risks of developing the same because of over exposure of ultra violet rays of the sun. Getting these harmful UVA and UVB for many years slowly makes changes in the DNA in the skin. This increases the risk of getting one or more type of skin cancers. There are more than one millions of cases of skin cancer detected all over and main factor of this is sun. One can’t easily avoid the sun because it is not practical option.

As we all know that sun is the main source of light and energy on earth. Sun rays are actually very helpful for our body to produce vitamin D. This is very important for anybody to sustain in their life. Sunscreen lotions are best resource to block certain kind of ultra violet rays which damages the skin. Utilization of the sunscreen lotion should be start from the birth and they it should continue till the whole of your life. Some of the people generally decide to make use of sunscreen only in the month of summer. This is a time when most of the sun damages are noticeable. These damages can be sunburn or suntans. Even during the winter period there are chances of ultra violet treats. But, during this time UV index is very low.

Another big factor is called UV index. It is a kind of guideline which denotes the level of danger of the sun. This index is actually rating the amount of ultra rays reaching to the earth at particular point of time. If this index is higher then there are more chances of skin damage. This means that the higher index is not more damage, it is considered as faster damage to the skin. It is most common that UV rays damages everyone’s skin. But, one thing is that the person who is having fair skin can burn quickly and it may cause damage to our skin at faster rates if our skin is not protected. Some other kind of risk factors of skin cancers are melanoma in the past and freckles. There are certain medicines which also increase the level of risk.

Elder person and babies are more prone to skin damages which are caused by the sun. It is most important factor to prevent such damage to that skin cancer can be stopped. Generally, skin cancer is caused by sunburns and suntans. They are not the sole reasons for the skin cancer. Ultra violet rays can also damage your skin especially for those who are having thinner skin. All people should learn some or the other kind of technique to prevent skin damages. Good skin protection techniques can be very useful like avoiding direct sunlight wherever possible, regular usage of sunscreen lotion and wearing protective clothes like rash guard shirts. These can help you to avoid skin damages and make your life easier.


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