Skin Cancer Signs and Symptoms

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Skin cancer is one of the most dangerous and common kind of disease which has got may different reasons. It is possible that it can develop in any part of the body. But, it is most commonly gets developed in the skin which is normally very much exposed to direct sunlight like neck, hands, face and arms. Some of the most common kind of skin cancers is melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell cancer. Generally people of all kind of skin tones gets this disease even to those who is having dark skin tones. There are chances that it might get developed onto those parts which are not directly exposed to direct sunlight.

This is a disease which is commonly diagnosed as malignancy, breast or prostate cancer but it is not like other cancer in which people gets death from this disease. There are many different kind of symptoms and signs of this kind of cancer.

  1. Skin might face ulcering
  2. Changes to the skinny part which does not got healed easily
  3. Existing moles gets changed

Apart from this signs there are possibilities of actinic keratosis which are: cracking of lower side of the lip, red or brown and getting scaly patches on our skin. There is no possibility to completely remove the all possibility of skin cancer.

Melanoma is one most serious kind of skin cancer which is the cause of death. Any person can get melanoma if there is some kind of history of the same in your family then you might have more chances of getting the same disease. If you are spending your most of the time in outdoor, you are living at a place where higher ultra violet rays are coming. Even you had higher sunburn then you might get higher chances of getting melanoma. If you have got moles and freckles, these are two of the biggest symptoms of melanoma. One big difference between our normal moles and melanoma is color. In case of normal moles the color is generally black or brown whereas in case of melanoma it is multicolored and it also comes in different shades as well.

Another common form of skin cancer is Basal cell carcinoma. In this kind of disease a warning sings are brown lesion on the back side. This is a cancer which does not get spread on other parts of the body. It is also very much easy to treat this kind of cancer. One more kind of Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This is also very easy to treat. Some of common symptoms of this disease are lesion on surface of the arms and face. Even red nodule also gets developed on the face and neck.

Normally all kind of skin cancers are easily curable only if they are found at early stage. To get better protection to prevent such kind of disease you need to use certain kind of protective clothing like rash guard shirts. One tough part of this is the warning sign of the cancer and if there is any doubt then you should immediately consult your doctor or specialist.


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