Steps to Great Makeup

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Makeup is to enhance the feature of women. Here are some of the basic steps to a great makeup.

  1. Don’t wear too much

Generally makeups are not there to create negative impact towards you. If you wear too much it is possible that this thing will happen with you. Like if you are using an eyeliner then never go with a dark eyeliner because it make you look dull and it will also spoil your other makeup. With thick eyeliner you should avoid wearing too much mascara. It looks very bad. Third thing is make it clear that the foundation which you are using should have the same color as your skin color. It used to give a smooth look to your face. Even the same thing is also true for powder also.

  1. Lips

Always use lip liner in such a way that it can completely cover the whole your lips and also your lips can stay on for a longer period of time. Your lip color should match with your lip tone. Always try to wear cool colors. Decide amongst yourself that how do you want your lips to be? If you want it to look small then keep the liner inside of the lips and if you want your lips to look bigger then keep your liner outside of your lips.

  1. Appropriate Makeup

Always chose your makeup related to your occasion. Say if you are going to the beach you should not wear more makeup as if you are going for a party. Even keep your makeup very light when you are in daylight. And when you are going for outing in the evening then your makeup should be accordingly changed.

  1. Very Less Makeup

Some woman doesn’t like to wear makeup because there are many reasons behind it. They are even not sure how to use it. So they are in that impression that if it looks dirty on their face then. So such case if you are not sure where to start with then always start with light colors first. Once it is done then moves forward.

  1. Complete Look

Once you complete your makeup you should look natural. You should avoid colors which clash with other colors. Say if you have dark skin then dark color will be suitable for you. If your skin tone is light then light color will suite on you.

  1. Color of Hair

Try to keep a hair color with respect to your skin tone. Say your hair color is dark and you want to add color to your hair then keep it same or may from the same shade. If your skin tone is light then your hair color should also be light. Once you use a hair color then remember that you should use it regularly and never let your roots show.

  1. Final Thing

You should keep your makeup look fresh all the day by performing regular touch ups. Never allow your makeup to fade.

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