The Truth about types of Sunscreens

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Many people believe that sunscreen is a product which helps us to protect from harmful ultra violet rays of sun. There is much different kind of products available in the market today and we should select the one which has got the best SPF ratings. Sunscreen manufacturing industry has got specific mindset that they always keep higher SPF ratings on the bottles so that they get larger sell.

There is one group called Environment Working Group which produces the sunscreen guide every year. Every year they produce the report after making review of lots of sunscreen products available in the market. They are actually publishing this report to make customers aware about the products and which one of them are safer and effective one to use and which product should be avoided? According to EWG report, they have a rating system in which they categorize the products. Based on this they distinguish different products after completely studying and reviewing them from the market. According to on explanation given by EWG there are many products in the market today which has got higher SPF rating but all of such products are not successful in providing protection from sun burn. As a customer you do not at all know what exactly you are buying? There are chances that even in sunscreen products can also have potentially dangerous ingredients as well.

There is one form of Vitamin A which is called plamitite. It is connected with skin disease and skin cancer. In today’s all sunscreen products palmitite is found. Still researches are going on about this factor. They are generally informing customers to keep themselves away from the sunscreen products. It is clearly proved today that 41% of the sunscreens contain these Vitamins. Another disturbing component found is oxybenzone which can also disrupt the hormones in the human body. According to the list of EWG there is some sunscreen products which has got several factors which is health related. It is very important for us to pay close attention and to decide which one is the best product. There is much kind of products which were specifically designed for children.

Most skin damages are done with sun’s ultra violet rays. UVB is main kind of rays which generally causes sunburn. On the other side UVA rays enters the skin and go very deep and damages the skin cells. This damage they can perform can be severe. There are agencies that are actually developing some set of standards which is required and it also denotes the strength of protection against UVA. They also give their SPF value as well. Once these standards are being developed until then consumers should skip the remaining part and select the best products available in the market and they should also select the product with the ingredients which offers assurance and complete protection from ultra violet rays. One of such best thing which is very good in giving protection from sunburn is rash guard shirts. They are the best one to give complete protection from sun.


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