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Hairs can be damaged very easily. Sometimes excessive use of styling appliances and over processing of hair can weaken hair. If you have used a product with any type of bleach then there are chances that your hair can become damaged easily. Even if it is regularly exposed to wind, sun or water it can also cause damaged hair. Even making use of plastic brushes can also damage the hair. So, protection of our hair is totally in our hand. We are the person who has to decide how to keep our hair healthy. So, here are some of the tips and tricks which will surely help you to grow your hair healthy:

1. Never comb or brush hair when they are wet because it may cause breakage. Hairs are very weak when they are wet. It is better to comb your hairs with a wide-toothed comb even before wetting your locks. So that it can reduce the amount of tangles once you finish washing your hair.

2. If your hair has been damaged badly then it is suggested to use a good conditioner. Try to dry your hair with both the methods air dry and blow dry. This will help you to reduce future damage of your hair. While using hair dryer you should use a lower heat setting so you can avoid additional heat damage.

3. You should regularly take vitamins. These vitamins will help you with your diet to make it sure that your hairs are growing healthier.

4. Take enough amounts of protein. Your hairs are made of protein and that’s why you should take lots of protein bars and supplements. Protein is there which helps to provide the amino acids which are required to grow a longer hair.

5. Always wash your hairs more often with a good natural shampoo. If you perform these steps regularly then it will surely help you to expose your hair roots so that it can grow at fast rate.

6. One more good method which can also be used with these tips and tricks is to using an oil treatment which is called deep oil treatment. Some of the good brand available in the market today you should try them since they are all made up from natural herbs and they are not going to expose your hair to rough chemicals. Even if you want to stimulate your scalps then herbal oil can also help you and it will surely enhance your hair growth. Oil can also be used as a conditioner and you can apply them to all the ends of your hair.

7. You should treat your wet hair very gently. You should use a good conditioner. You should also take up a regular vitamin supplements so that it can help you to grow your hair healthier.

If you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above very carefully then you will surely get healthier, stronger and thicker hair. It totally depends on an individual how they are using it.

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