Tips to Increase Dry Skin Elasticity

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During the winter season you might have noticed that your soft and elastic skin becomes very rough to touch. Sometimes it is also flaking, cracking and bleeding also. Generally common   area where dry skin mostly appears is hands. Some more areas which are affected are face, legs and fore arms. Another name for the dry skin is xerosis.

Normally healthy skins have got fatty substances which keeps moisture in. Whenever xerosis occurs it is because something which strips away fatty oils and keeps your skin unprotected. Still the problem persists then it may be because of direct control. If such problems is because of genetic condition or because of another type of disease then only doctor can treat it effectively. Xerosis is just a minor problem and it can be solved very easily. You need to make some small changes in your life style. But sometimes if it is untreated then it can cause dermatitis. It is a disease which can lead to swelling and infection. If such type of problem occurs you can try some of the following thing:

Never use harsh soaps. It is the main reason which causes xerosis. You can use a soap which is chemical free and it contains specific fragrances so that it can help you to keep moisture in your skin. Never use a deodorant soaps.

Another thing which you should use is Luke warm water. But it may be a tough task for those people because during the winter season generally people prefer to take hot showers and wash their hands with hot water. But remember that hot water can increase dryness.

Third thing you can try is using a good moisturizer. After every washing you should apply a good moisturizer. Even it should be after washing hands also.

One more thing is we can use humidifier. Generally the air which comes from heaters strips all moisture from our skin during the winter season. But making use of humidifier is the best solution to your problem.

Even taking some of the important vitamins is also very good solution for this. Some of the vitamins which can be taken to properly cure your skin problem during the winter season are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. There are many different tablets available in the market which can have these vitamins into it.  But it is not suggested every time to have such tablets. More better option to have vitamins is try to consume ample amount of vegetables and fruits because many vegetables and fruits contains almost many of this vitamins into it.

Apart from all this tips which are mentioned above. One last but very important tip is to increase the intake of zinc in our body. To increase the intake of zinc in our body some of the most common food which should be consumed is wheat gram, mushrooms, soy and grapes etc. Why to increase the zinc intake?  Answer to this question is very simple because it helps to maintain the balance of collagen and elasticity in our skin.

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